YMMV: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

  • Anticlimax Boss: General Barnaky is tougher than a normal enemy, but not to an extreme degree, and is no match for your combined squad. He's also noticeably weaker than Frank Horrigan or The Master.
  • Mis-blamed: The game gets a lot of flack for the hairy Deathclaws which are seen as silly and canon-violating. Originally, Deathclaws were supposed to be furry, as seen in the original concept art, and the only reason they weren't was because the original game's engine wasn't capable of rendering convincing fur. The Tactics developers used the original concept both as an homage to the concept art and to show that different mutations of the same animal occured. There are also a lot of complaints about there being real-world guns in the game even though the first two games had plenty of them (Desert Eagle, FN FAL, Pancor Jackhammer, P-90 etc.)