YMMV / Eric Bischoff

  • Broken Base: Let's just say he's a very controversial figure. While he does have plenty of defenders, his detractors are very vocal and have valid points.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Ever wonder why the nWo was getting booed left and right, yet nWo members always got so much screen time? Bischoff might have your answer. As to both parts...
      Dave Meltzer: By this time the show was as much fun to watch as three hours of somebody masturbating. In fact, I'm not sure that isn't what we were watching.
    • After a number of referees left TNA, Eric gave a job to his son Garett, who worked under the name Jackson James. When company officials tried to deny Garett's ID, the internet called the company on its nepotistic baloney by revealing the truth, and he eventually became a full-time wrestler under his real name. (Garett received a ton of heat from the talent.) He's actually not a bad wrestler (he's much better than David Flair), and in different circumstances he might've had a okay career; but TNA cut a lot of talented people from the roster, and arguably kept Garett on longer than they should have.
  • Misblamed:
    • People who watched RAW during the 2003-2005 time frame heard Vince McMahon say numerous times that Eric was the reason for WCW not just losing the Monday Night Wars but also the reason for WCW going under, neither of which Bischoff even tried to deny. The truth is, the blame for both rests on the conscience of another man.
    • As far back as 2001, Konnan said Eric Bischoff was not to blame for WCW's backstage politics spiraling out of control. (and Konnan was not afraid to criticize Bischoff).