YMMV / Eric Bischoff

  • Broken Base: While he does have plenty of defenders, his detractors are very vocal and have valid points. He's the only promoter to beat Mc Mahon ever, and the fact that WWE today is booked right out of Nitro's playbook says all you need to say. He's not Vince McMahon, but he's #2 for sure, and it's miles and miles before you get to #3. Sadly, Bischoff's TNA run branded him as a one-trick pony. He's like Vince Russo in the sense that back then, his strategies were great, but in the present day they're anything but...yet that's all he knows and will ever know.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Vince McMahon got in his licks, too. When Bischoff joined WWE, he was invited onto the late night show WWE Confidential, where host Johnathan Coachman asked him at what point nWo stopped standing for New World Order and started standing for Not Working Out. Despite this obvious attack on his booking, Eric genuinely laughed at this (before talking about everything he tried to do to keep the nWo popular after the fans started getting sick of it, noting Kevin Nash's Wolfpac was working for a while).
      Eric Bischoff: (4.17.97 Prodigy chat): I read somewhere if something is working don't try to fix it. Our ratings are high, our arenas are selling out, we can't keep merchandise in inventory. You're right ... there must be something wrong with Nitro.
    • Brooke Hogan as head of the Knockouts and Garrett Bischoff as a wrestler. Unfortunately, for every Randy Orton, there's 10 Noelle Foleys.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When he was brought back to induct Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017, the first thing he said was that he wished he wasn't doing the induction, because he'd rather have been sitting out in the crowd watching DDP be inducted by the late Dusty Rhodes, note who was DDP's mentor and would undoubtedly have been picked to do the induction if he'd lived instead.
    "God bless you, Dusty Rhodes. <cheers> May you rest in peace, and may you rest happy, brother."
    • And on top of that, he was greeted with cheers and "Welcome Back!" chants after taking the stand. Eric Bischoff, one of the most despised figures in wrestling, was very warmly received by a crowd filled to the brim with Smart Marks.
    • Bischoff got a huge pop when he showed up for Raw's 25th anniversary show.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Nitro blew up by signing ex-WWF guys and putting them on TV. It worked with Hogan, Nash and Hall in in the 90s. Then he went to TNA and tried to do the same thing with guys like Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam? (Nope, Hardy and RVD were never going to do the trick. Maybe if he'd signed Cena or The Rock, but even then, the WWE brand is more solid and synonymous with wrestling than ever before.) Then he tried to repeat history by putting Impact head-to-head with Raw, which pretty much destroyed any credibility they had. Remember, they thought it was a good idea to go live against Raw on Monday nights. That ended after three weeks. And who can forget that horrendous Screwjob storyline with Kurt Angle? To this day, they haven't recovered.
  • Misblamed:
    • As far back as 2001, Konnan said Eric Bischoff was not to blame for WCW's backstage politics spiraling out of control. (And Konnan was not afraid to criticize Bischoff.) Kevin Sullivan felt that Bischoff gave away too much power. He thought he could outlast WWE, but the veterans he hired weren't interested in giving back to the company which kept them working. People like Hogan and Nash would go out of their way to bury talent (to improve their own standing contract re-negotiations). By the end, Bischoff had no control anymore because he paid too little attention to the business side of things, which the wrestlers understood better.
    • Bischoff claims that he fired Austin, not because he didn't see him as a potential star, but because Austin was injury prone and had a bad attitude backstage. The straw that broke the camel's back was Bischoff calling Austin to check up on his condition, but Austin refused to go to the phone saying "Tell that sumbitch to go fuck himself!" Austin himself admitted that this is likely what happened.
    • While it's true that Bischoff thought he was "too Southern" for the announcer's desk, he did not fire J.R. Ross asked for his release after being demoted to syndication, though, Bischoff admitted, he anticipated Ross quitting over it.