YMMV / Enter the Matrix

  • Artificial Stupidity: In the driving scenes, you can either drive or shoot while the AI takes care of the other one. Or, more specifically, does not take care of the other one, and even if you have another controller and a friend you can't do anything about it.
    • Though it does seem to work better on the PC version.
  • Game Breaker: Hit "throw" (punch & kick together) while close to an enemy with your gun drawn and you'll pull off a one-shot kill, no matter how much health your enemy has left. Oh, and all other baddies will wait patiently until the animation is completed. Works on everyone but the Merovingian's goons and Agents.
  • Genius Bonus: You'll need it to know what Persephone is talking about when she tells her mystery lover that she's eaten asparagus for lunch. And then you'll wish you hadn't.
  • Hype Backlash: Just like everything related to the sequels.More on it here.
  • Les Yay: There is a cinematic interlude where your hero (Niobe or Ghost - you must choose one of them before you start playing) has to kiss Persephone to gain access to a new level. However lesbian kiss seems longer and hotter then a normal one...
  • Retroactive Recognition: Lachy Hulme as Sparks, sort of. He's still pretty obscure to American audiences, but he wound up on a lot of bloggers' radars when it was announced that he was one of the front-runners for the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight.
  • So Okay, It's Average: It basically plays like any generic 3rd person shooter. Bullet Time (which was in video game form for a while before this game came out) looks cool at first but more-or-less waters down the difficulty while prolonging the game. You can do crazy stuff like run on walls, but it adds nothing to the challenge and you can't do anything creative with the moves. The graphics are bland, brown, and full of jaggies, but do their job well enough gameplay-wise. The music coding is hit-and-miss; at it's best, it dynamically blends from one song to another, at it's worst, the music just kind of fades away for minutes at a time during moments where it should be building. There are Crowning Moments along the way, but they're non-interactive. It was one of (reportedly the) most expensive games of all-time at the time of its release, but most of the gimmicks were done earlier and better already in Max Payne and other games.
    • The hacking game is the exception, being a text adventure which is very rare on consoles, quite enjoyable with good depth (though not very big), and has good one-way integration with the main game.
  • Special Effect Failure: The animation for Agents dodging bullets is a stiff, goofy-looking bending that lacks any of the blurring or doubling effects the film gives them.
  • That One Level: The part where you try to escape from the Twins in a car chase. If you're playing as Ghost, it's nigh unbeatable, thanks to Niobe's horrendous driving AI, and the fact that the Twins' car is invincible.
    • Also the sewer levels, especially Waterways 2, which is really long for a level with NO checkpoints.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Inverted. The game deliberately takes ludicrously destructive routes for relatively simple tasks - justified in that the Machines (a.k.a. the game's programmers) are doing everything they can to make those tasks as difficult as possible.
    • The entire first mission, 20+ levels, is to retrieve a tape from a post-office box dead drop - except the police are already inside the building opening all the mail trying to intercept the tape, and the tape is the final message of a captain who explicitly hated dead drops because he knows that such interceptions are common.
    • The Airport is A Simple Plan to call all the ship captains to a meeting that is interrupted by a rescue mission.
    • The resulting meeting in the sewers is interrupted by a raid by hundreds of cops chopping phone lines as they head in.
    • Finally, they blow up a nuclear power plant at the climax of the film to disable the alarms in a high security building - as everything in that building, everything, has a backup system/defense mechanism; One that would blow up the whole building and everyone in it.