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Awesome: Enter the Matrix
  • While the game itself is average at best, the concept behind it is quite awesome indeed: Instead of going with a standard licensed game that allows players to replay moments from the films, it is instead created to be a side-story that fills in some of the gaps of the Matrix's mythology, and to allow players to see that universe from the eyes of two side characters, and how they impact and shape certain moments from the second film. And not only that, but the filmmakers themselves went so far as to write, shoot, and edit live action scenes with actors (including Carrie Ann Moss, and Hugo Weaving), sets, and equipment from the films...for a tie-in video game. At the time it was almost unheard of for filmmakers to spend so much time, money, and effort on something that was considered disposable entertainment. The game may be remembered for being another mediocre tie-in, but it arguably may have been the beginning of an era when the video game and film industries work more closely together to create better products.
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