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YMMV: Eden: It's an Endless World!
  • Critical Research Failure: Mustard gas is a blister agent, but the chemical attack in volume 2 has symptoms similar to a nerve agent or a pulmonary agent. Even the most rudimentary knowledge of chemical warfare, or WWI, or Unit 731 should have prevented this mistake. In-story, one might wonder who the hell uses mustard gas to knock out a dog, since mustard-gas is slow-working...
    • There's more problems. The vegetation growing in cities is problematic in appearance, mostly because plants tend to overgrow everything fairly quickly if not kept short. And 'everything' means that trees can grow on top of a building if there's a possibility for that. However, as plants require light, they will not grow inside buildings unless natural light can reach them. The roads overgrowing with grass are another problem. Why aren't there clumps of asphalt visible between the patches of grass like on a real overgrown road? Why don't the characters stumble while walking on such a road, because it is nigh impossible to see where the road is destroyed and where it isn't?
    • Also, the characters in the early chapters seem remarkably clueless with regards to survival in the wilderness without any possibility for support from civilization..
  • Moral Event Horizon: These are crossed on a regular basis.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Starts on page 16, with giant bugs crawling out of a closure virus victim's body, and just keeps on going from there.
  • Squick Goes hand in hand with the gorn. Elijah gets his own moment when Helena throws her semen-filled underwear on his face, telling him to go clean off the residue left by her latest customer.

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