YMMV / Doc Savage

  • Fridge Logic: Didn't Adolf Hitler in disguise hit on you at the start of this adventure?
  • Older Than They Think: Doc's Arctic "Fortress Of Solitude". While it may appear to be a rip-off of Superman's, that version is lifted, name and location included, from the very first Doc Savage story, published in 1933. Supes first got his retreat hang-out in 1938, it was located in a mountain cave outside of Metropolis, and it was called his "Secret Citadel". The Arctic version and the name "Fortress of Solitude" wasn't used in the Superman stories until 1958.
  • Science Marches On:
    • The brain surgery to which criminals are subjected at the "Crime College". At the time the books were written, it was commonly believed, including by psychologists and neurologists, that career criminals suffered from a treatable malformation of the brain. See Values Dissonance below.
    • Double Subverted In The Land of Terror (1933): someone asks Doc about the theory that we could get lots of energy by splitting the atom. Doc explains that this has just been discredited, as recent work suggests you have to put in as much energy as you get out. This is actually still a scientific fact, and is the reason why you can't just use any old element in a reactor. The catch that was discovered later is that certain atoms have unstable forms that were "pre-charged" by their formation in collapsing stars, only needing a hefty nudge to release that energy and split into more stable atoms.
  • Values Dissonance: The "Crime College", where captured crooks are given brain surgery to wipe out criminal impulses and retrained into productive law-abiding citizens, leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many modern readers. Some later authors have even suggested that Doc was lobotomising the crooks.