Series / Barefoot Contessa
Barefoot Contessa is a Cooking Show hosted by Ina Garten, airing on the Food Network since 2002.

Each episode starts with Ina briefly describing an occasion for which she will cook some food. Frequently, this will involve catering for friends at her home, though she has also done episodes serving special meals for one particular person. Typically she will then explain how to do three different recipes suitable for that occasion. At the end of the show, the occasion is shown, with invariably complimentary comments.

Ina frequently experiments with variations on familiar recipes.

During the show, there is usually an "Ask Ina" section, where viewers submit questions on the same theme as the rest of the show.

Not to be confused with the 1954 Ava Gardner film The Barefoot Contessa (which apparently was the namesake for the store she used to run, from which she derived the name of the show).

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Provides Examples Of:

  • Bourgeois Bohemian: Ina and Jeffrey. Most of their guests seem to be this as well (well they do live in the Hamptons, after all).
  • Fag Hag: Food Network's most famous example. Her parties are attended and helped out by her massive army of gay friends, to the point where it sometimes seems as if she has the entire gay population of Long Island at her beck and call.
  • Gratuitous French: Ina is probably the most notorious offender for this on Food Network, as even the Francophilic Melissa D'Arabian doesn't name-drop French terms nearly as often as Ina. Ina seems determined to use French to describe anything she can. It gets especially ridiculous (and somewhat amusing) when she repeatedly uses Creme Anglais, prompting many to wonder: if it's English creme, then why not just say English creme... in English?
  • Kick the Dog: In Real Life, Ina twice refused to visit a dying child whose Make-A-Wish choice was meeting her.
  • Rich Bitch: Was raised by a surgeon father and a "mother who dabbled in real estate", as per her "Chefography", in a country club existence in Connecticut. Routinely goes for the most expensive ingredients for her recipes, from heirloom tomatoes to Gruyere cheese to expensive dried spices to the choicest cuts of duck and lamb. Rarely does she venture out of her sheltered upper crust existence and most of her programs consist of her namedropping all of her famous or prestigious pals, though an occasional Average Joe/Jane sneaks into her life (e.g. the restoration crew who were working on a windmill in one episode and her adorkable assistant Sinead in several others). There are numerous establishing shots of her luxurious Hamptons lifestyle, including those showing her shiny BMW convertible and the sumptuous Paris apartment (which probably cost an arm and a leg, considering the cost of Paris real estate) she and her husband Jeffrey own.
    • Also, in one episode where she makes beef bourguignon for a young female medical student living in "the City" (New York City, probably Manhattan to be specific), said medical student comes across as a huge, spoiled Rich Bitch, with a spacious Manhattan apartment and a budget to splurge on pricey wines and floral arrangements.
  • Rich Idiot with No Day Job: Ina Garten. Subverted by the fact that she's actually quite a talented cook, as well as being a veteran policy wonk from the Carter White House and the former owner of a successful catering business, and therefore is probably equipped with solid brass ovaries.
  • Wine Is Classy: Nearly every recipe on the show calls for alcohol somewhere in its preparation.