YMMV: Dark Fury

  • Complete Monster: Antonia Chillingsworth is the Bounty Hunter in charge of the mercenary vessel that Riddick, Jack, and Imam run into. She's obsessed with the art of killing and death, while her primary hobby is to collect criminals and notorious fighters to place them in her collection of living statues. There they are frozen so that it takes them a whole day to so much as blink an eye, and they're conscious the whole time, trapped in a nightmare world for hundreds of years to come. She considers this her "artwork", and intends it purely for her own enjoyment. She cares exactly nothing about all the members of her crew she sends against Riddick and die as a result, just that she apparently paid them too much. She wants to make Riddick the latest addition to her collection, and before adding him to the exhibition she throws him and his friends in a pit with people-eating monsters to see him kill something up close. Riddick himself calls her an irredeemable psychopath. The fact that the person saying this is himself pretty much a sociopathic Noble Demon says it all, really.