YMMV / Custom Robo

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Twice in Arena: Hadron in the sense that he is just a sooped up normal Robo, in contrast to the earlier fight with Jameson, a mere gatekeeper, who is a Hover Tank with insane defense. By comparison, Hadron is difficult, but fighting him isn't all that different from a standard fight. A completely intentional example is Eddy at the Robocup, as you have been shown to be superior to him already in the events leading up to his fight, and is just a standard fight, no illegal parts or anything.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In the Gamecube version you'd think you'd have to face Rahu all by yourself again, given the game's tendency to enforce one on one battles even when it make sense for the heroes to gang up on their foes. But nope! When it comes time to literally dive into the fray, your friends mean it when they say "Everyone dive!". Harry and Marcia won't let you face Rahu alone.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Isabella and Eliza.
  • Game-Breaker: Equip the Ray Sky with the Acrobat Pod and Plus One Legs. Use a gun with strong homing and appropriate range for the stage (Thunderbolt, Glider, Homing Star) and a bomb with appropriately large spread or blast (Burrow D, Submarine D, Volcano). Now go to the Dungeon Arena or any level of the Arcade mode and see if anyone can touch you.note 
    • Teleport Spam + close range weapon + Teleport Spam away after they enter Mercy Invincibility is pretty damn hard for most AI foes to counter in-game.
    • Many of the illegal parts can edge on this. Wyrm and Crystal strike stand out. Wyrm is basically a quadruple dragon gun that almost guarantees a downed opponent and the crystal strike renders an opponent completely helpless once it hits. The crystal strike knocks opponents skywards and has no firing lag, allowing you to hit the enemy almost endlessly. If it weren't for the point penalties in the second story mode, the game would be utterly snapped in two.
      • Rahu III full stop. When fighting it in story mode you fight it 3v1 so it's a bit more of a fair fight, if not just barely, but once you unlock the parts for yourself there is absolutely nothing in the game that can stand up to you except maybe another Rahu III.
    • The sniper rifle in Battle Revolution fires very fast projectiles with a huge amount of stopping power, but leave you immobile for a short while after you fire it. The solution? Put it on a Lightning Sky robo and air dash. Now you can move and fire at the same time.
      • You can get a similar result with the dragon gun. Or the Wyrm, just to be a huge bastard.
    • The Jameson with the Sling Gun can grind up and spit out virtually any opponent in Grand Battle mode.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Rahu was an unstoppable evil world-killer that destroyed everything except the town you live in only because it tried controlling a Robo and got stuck, giving the people a physical target. Everyone uses Robos so the government can find and train people like the hero, in case Rahu wakes up.
  • That One Boss: Arena has The two Jamesons, Kindjal and Data Hadron.
    • The Gamecube version has Rahu, and the fight with Isabella and Eliza immediately beforehand.
    • The final Rahu fight is a 3-against-1 fight, and even then you still have your back to the wall, thanks to Rahu's absolutely insane statsnote , its holosseum being on the small side and lacking walls, and the fact that it knows that We Cannot Go On Without You. If it weren't for the fact that you have Harry and Marcia helping you out in this fight, Rahu wouldn't have much trouble mowing you down in seconds.