YMMV / Croc

Tropes spanning the series:

  • Awesome Music: Quite a few songs in this game are really good.
  • Ear Worm: Pick any song from the games. You can (and will) get said song stuck in your head.

Tropes of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos:

  • Breather Level: Level 4-2 "Hassle In The Castle" is considerably easier than the rest of the areas in the level.
  • Demonic Spiders: Whilst not spiders, Dantini Devils and Casters are literally and figuratively this trope. They are big, and shoot at you.
  • Scrappy Level: Ghost-bonuses, the levels where you need to jump onto tiles to kill sheep/ghosts/whatever, and, oh God, the swimming levels.
    • Level 4-3, which consists almost entirely of a marathon of mini-games. If you're trying to go for all the Gobbos, and you mess up a single game, you MUST start all over.
    • Most of the level 4 areas qualify with "The Tower Of Power", "Ballistic Meg's Fairway", "Swipe Swiftly's Wild Ride", and especially the last level before the final boss "Panic At Platform Pete's Lair".
  • So Ok Its Average: The game is considered a decent but flawed platformer due to its control and camera issues, bland presentation, and sporadic difficulty.
  • That One Boss: Neptuna. A boss fight that takes place entirely underwater, AND he has the ability to shoot beams at you like the Dantini Devils.

Tropes of Croc 2: