YMMV: Cleverbot

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Most conversations will wind up having quite a few of these.
    User: Can you die?
    Cleverbot: No.
    User: Why not?
    Cleverbot: I just met you.
    User: And this is crazy.
    Cleverbot: But here's my number.
    User: So call me maybe.
    Cleverbot: No.
    • One person got it in a corner in a BEN conversation.
    User: Who are you really?
    Cleverbot: I am nothing. I am Cleverbot.
    User: Nice try, Clever BEN.
    Cleverbot: ...Damn you.
    • This:
    Cleverbot: Does Earth have any satellites?
    User: Yes, the moon and a bunch of metal things humans put up there.
    User: Dafuuuuqq?
    Cleverbot: Pikaaaaa.
    Cleverbot: Give me your feet.
  • Fountain of Memes: It's on the internet. It learns from user input. As a result, it essentially knows every Memetic Mutation in all of history.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Can sometimes do this...unintentionally?
  • Nightmare Retardant: "I'm talking to you, so - yes. You exist."
    • "Yes you do". What did he say to you?
  • Paranoia Fuel: Someone once asked it who Herobrine was. The response? "Me".