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YMMV: Cat People
  • Alternate Character Interpretation - Irena is apparently considered clingy and jealous for being bothered by her husband confiding personal things about their marriage to his American co-worker Alice. Since her husband ends up leaving her for Alice, it actually seemed rather sensible of her to be worried.
    • He didn't so much leave her as she turned into a panther and went into display at the zoo.
    • But he decided to divorce her before that happened.
    • He also confided with Alice about his sex life with Irena while they're still married.
  • Unfortunate Implications — Irena's husband feels that she is causing him undue stress for the first time in his life because she is genuinely worried that she will turn into a cat monster and kill him - oh and because she won't consummate their relationship.
    • Let's not leave out that he basically goes out and has an affair—not, of course, explicitly, this was made under The Hays Code—with another woman. Who happens to be quite definitely a WASPy American-born woman. Notice who happens to suffer the most...?
    • Oliver clearly does not believe the cat curse story, however, and thinks she merely has issues about sex. He is willing to wait for a while, even getting Irina into therapy, but, not surprisingly, eventually wants out of the marriage. He doesn't become involved with Alice until things have really deteriorated between himself and Irina. He's not an all-sacrificing hero, but his reaction is human and forgivable to many.

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