YMMV: Blacula

  • Awesome Music: This movie had a pretty damn funky soundtrack that mixed creepy horror motifs with R&B and funk.
  • Complete Monster: Although briefly seen, the first film's incarnation of Dracula manages to be even worse than most other depictions. Not only is he a blood sucking monster, he's also involved in the slave trade. When the African prince and his wife come seeking his help, he turns the prince into a vampire, renames him "Blacula," imprisons him in a coffin to starve for all eternity (and because he was now an immortal vampire, his suffering would never stop), and starves his wife to death. Unlike Blacula himself, who is a tragic character and spends most of the second film searching for a cure for his vampirism, Dracula relishes in being a vampire, showing no remorse for anything he does.
  • Nightmare Fuel: One of Blacula's female victims reanimates in the local morgue, and the viewer gets treated to a POV shot of a luckless morgue attendant, as said victim comes charging down a hallway towards him in slow-motion, all fangs and crazed staring eyes.
  • Older Than They Think: Kids these days are more likely to be familiar with the Blacula-inspired character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy than with this movie.
  • Values Dissonance - Many of the comments regarding the two Camp Gay characters in the beginning are definitely a product of the 70's. The fact that the cops dismiss their deaths because they are gay is downright offensive to modern viewers.
    • Values Resonance: This is just another part of the movies stance on prejudice being wrong, though.