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YMMV: Black Flag
  • Broken Base - Perhaps the most polarizing example of a broken base for a punk band. First, there are camps of fans that prefer either the pre-1984 Flag (consisting of raw fast-paced punk) or the 1984-1986 Flag (which consisted of avant-garde experiments in an attempt to push the band's sound forward). Then, there are fans divided by the singer (either Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Ron Reyes (who was involuntarily credited by the band as "Chavo Pederast"), or Henry Rollins).
    • Their reformation and subsequent album "What The..." have been seen this way by fans as well.
  • Executive Meddling: Damaged was going to be released nationwide, under an MCA imprint. But the label would have lost money on the record, so they not only wouldn't release it, they filed a legal injunction that prevented Black Flag from releasing any material on another label for several years. This all but killed the band's chances of making it big.
  • Face of the Band - Henry Rollins, despite Greg Ginn being the band's headmaster.
  • Misaimed Fandom: "White Minority" tends to be taken at face value as a song against minorities infiltrating America. Greg Ginn has said the lyrics are meant to be sarcastic, and pointed out the deliberate irony of having a Puerto Rican vocalist (Ron Reyes) sing about "white pride".
  • Narm - Side A of Family Man. Some lines are unintentionally hilarious, such as the rat complaining about not being invited to go bowling in "Shed Reading (Rattus Norvegicus)"
  • Signature Song - "Rise Above".

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