YMMV / Birthright

  • Moral Event Horizon: Kylen crosses it when he slaughters a whole SWAT team that tried and failed to capture Mike alive, pinning their murders on him just to make him look like a national threat.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • God-King Lore's design is extremely disturbing to look at. His face is seemingly flayed and his muscles are made out of maggots. Its made less terrible by the fact that is not his true form - he looks like a normal human, and that appearance in question is his Game Face.
    • The Diviner is a cleansing spirit that twists all life around it with the sole purpose to destroy Lore's demons. The effects can range from individuals being possessed, corpses being reanimated to fight and they will not stop until their enemies are killed.
    • Mastema using her magic to interrogate Mikey in Issue #23 has her twisting and stretching his body apart like rubber.