• Crowning Moment of Awesome - When two players (TheSpy and rveach) managed to completely figure out the formula for Scratchies, and put it into their script, enabling massive Scratchy wins, the creator of the game changed the way Scratchies worked. His admitance of defeat before doing so? "I lose, you win. Kudos". One of the two Kaiju that are based on players that haven't beaten The Impossible Mission is an Amalga of them.
  • Fanon Discontinuity - Robo Fighto is loathed by a significant amount of people to the point that some pretend it doesn't exist. Too bad it's the only way to get a certain item. Ironically, since the Robo Fighto pits you against other players and nobody likes it, winning is surprisingly easy.
  • Fridge Brilliance
    • The first Mahjong ally you get is Lil' Rack, a Captain Ersatz of Nodoka Haramura from Saki, one of the best Mahjong players in her anime and would make perfect sense as one of the last allies you get rather than the first. So why is she first? Because Lil' Rack plays a lot of online games, which is what you're doing when you play Billy vs. Snakeman!
    • If you doubt McM's claims that he had been planning the Two Aliases, One Character twist in the Quest "The Look" from the beginning, compare Timmy's "goggles" to Mister Tea's glasses.
  • More Popular Spinoff - Of Anime Versus, McMasters' previous browser game.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Depressingly, they exist. Don't go into Party House Chat if you don't want to be told how you're supposed to play the game.
  • That One Boss: Eleven Tails, the final boss of R00t, was basically built to be this. (It's the only Phase in the game that takes off two lives per hit - which means that if you aren't Legacy and have an extra life from another source, you die the first time it knocks off a life. And it starts with its Days Alive counter at 11, which means even your weakest attack has a 12% chance of death.) Funny enough, Eleven Tails Revenge, which was accidentally made far weaker (and doesn't have the two-lives-per-kill effect), is also this, since it has the same kill rate as a normal Phase... but you can only fight it once every real-world month, which means that if you screw up, you're stuck waiting for the next festival. And you need to kill it twice for Hushed as the Wood.
    • Crapit, the fourth-shift boss of Retail, is notorious for being harder than any other Titan. It has a simple pattern - it waits in one spot and goes through a succession of moves, ending with a single powerful attack. But by "powerful", we mean "anywhere from 30 to 90 HP of damage" (your max is 100). It can also throw you across the store with the attack, and it hits at both long and short range. You, meanwhile, can only hurt Titans by getting behind them, so you have to approach. Even the best strategies for this boss have around a 75% failure rate.
  • That One Level: Nobody likes how hard it is just to get started in Pizza Witch, on account of it being balanced with the goal of not being a complete cakewalk for the people who had been grinding and farming in anticipation of it for over a year by the time it came out. This unfortunately boils down to "Use every point of Appetite you have eating stat-boost foods in the hope that you'll beat key missions".
  • Throw It In! - One area of the festival has the 11-tailed Fox challenge players that have beaten r00t to a rematch. Due to a typo in the rematch's stats, it is significantly easier than originally intended. Word of God has it that, not only will the battle remain so easy, but the implication of Diminishing Villain Threat is now slated to be a Running Gag of "post-r00t only" content.