YMMV / Beakman's World

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Name another kids show that can confront viewers fears about a scary environmental problem, in this case being ozone layer depletion, head on with understanding and balance with the empowering, "Let's turn that fear into knowledge!"
  • Dueling Shows: with Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Brazilians love Lester. The series as a whole was very popular in Mexico as well. In fact, Beakman is so beloved in both countries that Paul Zaloom has done live performances for many years. A show at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in 2014 was attended by thousands of Mexican fans, with huge screens to supplement his stories and experiments... and as a plus, the original Mexican dubber (Juan Alfonso Carralero) was doing the voice live to boot!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • When Beakman explores how cars work, Lester states that they run off of explosions right off the bat. Josie tries to silence him, saying that the viewers won't bother to watch if they already know the answer, but Lester replies that they'll tune in to watch explosions. Fast forward to a certain other Edutainment Show. ...and of course, one segment was completely about explosions...and then there was a third that was all about dynamite...cue even more explosions.
    • Also the fact that there was an occasional segment actually called Mythbusters, which would point out common misconceptions, such as how pencils are often stated to write with lead, when they actually use graphite.
    • Whenever Liza would introduce Beakmania, her voice would usually be digitally altered. Years after she left the show, she (along with Mona Marshall) would take up several female roles on South Park.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Josie is always the most-liked assistant in fan polls; Phoebe is always the least-liked because Phoebe is less friendly towards Lester, and that she had a tendency to be a smart-aleck. So is Liza on occassion.
  • Retroactive Recognition: For Alanna Ubach; in fact, her reason for leaving after Season 1 was her role in Sister Act 2.
    • Among voice acting enthusiasts, Eliza Schneider may be best known as one of Mary Kay Bergman's replacements on South Park after the latter's tragic passing.
    • Latin American Spanish fans, as said above, will easily recognize the rather awesome LA-Spanish voices. Juan Alfonso Carralero (the semi-official VA for Will Smith and David Hasselhoff) wasn't the only popular dubber there: Salvador Delgado (Lester), Laura Torres (Josie) and Rocío Prado (Phoebe and Liza) had quite the roles.
  • Uncanny Valley: She may appear different in the actual show, but look at this promotional picture: WHAT IS THAT CREATURE on the right? Some kind of "adult-child hybrid"?