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Awesome: Beakman's World
  • One viewer submitted in the question, "Dear Beakman, how do you know everything?" It was likely a rhetorical question, or perhaps one born out of annoyance, but Beakman decided to answer it anyway with a straight up, "I don't." He then proceeded to explain how scientific research is done and where to find scholarly information, in a behind-the-scenes sort of way. This is the question that has always stood out most in my head because as a kid, I wanted to know where to find this sort of knowledge. It also doubles as Heartwarming because it's a question that could potentially make the show obsolete—but he answers it anyway because the people behind this show really do want kids to learn as much as they can.
    • This was the last segment of the last episode of season one; since they didn't know whether they'd be picked up for another season, it was natural that they'd prepare kids for life without Beakman. CBS did eventually pick the show up.

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