Awesome / Beakman's World

  • One viewer submitted in the question, "Dear Beakman, how do you know everything?" It was likely a rhetorical question, or perhaps one born out of annoyance, but Beakman decided to answer it anyway with a straight up, "I don't." He then proceeded to explain how scientific research is done and where to find scholarly information, in a behind-the-scenes sort of way. It also doubles as Heartwarming because it's a question that could potentially make the show obsolete—but he answers it anyway because the people behind this show really do want kids to learn as much as they can.
    • This was the last segment of the last episode of season one; since they didn't know whether they'd be picked up for another season, it was natural that they'd show kids how they too can learn about the world in the same style as Beakman. CBS did eventually pick the show up.
  • Paul Zaloom reprising his role as Beakman in the webseries Captain Disillusion.