YMMV / Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: In general, the music from this movie holds up incredibly well.
    • I Am A Girl Like You and Free.
    • Erika and Dominic's love duet "If You Love Me For Me" also counts. Especially when the two sing in counterpoint at the end.
    • How Could I Refuse.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A lot of people, even diehard Annalise/Erika shippers, really like Julian and Dominick. It helps that unlike a lot of love interests in Barbie movies, they have distinct and likable personalities that mesh incredibly well with the girls'.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Annalise/Erika has become incredibly popular in recent years.
  • Iron Woobie: Both of the girls. The song "Free" is all about this. Annalise has just found out she'll be forced to marry a complete stranger in a week's time to save her kingdom from bankruptcy. Erika has been working off her parents' debt since she was a child, and it's clear Madame Carp has no intentions of letting her leave, even if Erika did manage to pay it all off. Still, they both manage to remain optimistic, and continue soldiering on. Can someone give these girls a massive hug, please?
    Annalise: I'll remain forever royal.
    Erika: I'll repay my parents' debt.
    Both: Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret.
    Annalise: But I'll never stop believing!
    Erika: She can never stop my schemes.
    Both: There's more to living than gloves and gowns and threads and seams! In my dreams, I'll be free!
  • Les Yay: You could make a case for Annalise/Erika, what with their instant connection and deep friendship, and the lengths Erika will go to for Annalise after only one meeting — and indeed, a lot of young women who grew up with this movie now ship them.
  • Squick: Preminger trying to marry Annalise. He's old enough to be her father (which wasn't that out of place back then).