YMMV / Babylon A.D.

  • Funny Moments:
    High Priestess: Mr Gorsky, when I kill, I kill for good.
    Gorsky: Are you threatening me?
    High Priestess: Bless your soul.
    Gorsky: You'll need a nuke to kill me!
    (Gorsky's security system detects an incoming missile)
    Gorsky: Bitch...
    • When a sinister doctor is examining Aurora in New York City, she remarks that he's a bad man. He nods in response.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Vin Diesel dragging a shrieking, flailing, judgmental pseudo-Messiah across post-apocalyptic Russia, only to find out she's pregnant with psychic babies. Yeah. It has one of the most poorly explained/edited Gainax Endings outside of Japan, but it's still an entertaining Vin-Diesel-punches-people movie.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The refugees drowning in the Bering Strait after the submarine closes its hatches on them.
    • Aurora's preprogrammed death in childbirth.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: In Babylon Babies an outlaw biker war in Canada is the result of two rival sects using criminals to wage surrogate war on each other; a metaphor for Third World conflict as a result of First & Second World rivalries.
  • The whole virgin birth gambit. Ab urbe condita 753/1 AD, a woman giving birth with out having had sex is miraculous. With in vitro and such that we have now (not to mention what fertility related medical tech we'd have Twenty Minutes In The Future), it's weird in a "Why would you do that?" sort of way, but certainly not a miracle in the religious sense.