Trivia / Babylon A.D.

  • Creator Backlash: Babylon A.D. was hit with this before it even came out. The director, Matthieu Kassovitz, has been quite open about how his initial vision of a dark but thoughtful cyberpunk world was meddled beyond all recognition and turned into "a bad episode of 24" and "pure violence and stupidity."
  • Deleted Scene: The Hummer chase scene is an extra on the DVD, though it was in the theatre version.
  • Old Shame: Matthieu Kassovitz (the French director) does not remember this movie well, notably because of Vin Diesel (an awful actor according to him, as Diesel supposedly came late to the shootings and behaved arrogantly towards everybody) and a heavy dose of Executive Meddling from 20th Century Fox.
  • Troubled Production: It took 5 years to get greenlit. French director Mathieu Kassovitz originally intended the film to be highly intellectual, but Twentieth Century Fox interfered with production all the way through, preventing Kassovitz from shooting scenes as he intended, sometimes even going against the script. Fox forced him to hire Vin Diesel into the lead role against Kassovitz' wishes, which limited him even further. Early in the production, uncooperative weather caused a two-week hiatus. A scene which was supposed to be shot in Eastern Europe ended up getting delayed and moved to Sweden due to a lack of snow. Actor Adam Lambert was thrown into the movie late in production. By the time the whole ordeal was over, the film was allegedly over-budget and ruined to the point where it was virtually guaranteed to fail at the box office. Kassovitz ended up releasing a documentary called Fucking Kassovitzin 2011 covering the whole experience.