YMMV: Armitage III

  • Informed Ability: When Ross is first introduced to Armitage, the chief goes on about how she's such a good detective. Yet, her idea of "detective work" clearly amounts to getting in witnesses and suspects faces and threatening them with bodily harm if they don't cooperate with her. If anything, Ross is the one who conducts the actual investigation.
  • Squick: Ross knockin' boots with Armitage wouldn't be a problem, if he wasn't nearly twice her height, combined with the fact that she looks all of 13-14 years old. Or the fact she winds up pregnant with his child, by the time the series ends!
  • Values Dissonance: Misogyny aside, this is probably a big part of the infamous major backstory element. Japan has something of a complex about their declining birth rate, and a common conservative complaint is that women working jobs instead of acting as homemakers is to blame for it.