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YMMV: Armitage III
  • Informed Ability: When Ross is first introduced to Armitage, the chief goes on about how she's such a good detective. Yet, her idea of "detective work" clearly amounts to getting in witnesses and suspects faces and threatening them with bodily harm if they don't cooperate with her. If anything, Ross is the one who conducts the actual investigation.
  • Squick: Ross knockin' boots with Armitage wouldn't be a problem, if he wasn't nearly twice her height, combined with the fact that she looks all of 13-14 years old. Or the fact she winds up pregnant, with his child, by the time the series ends!
  • Unfortunate Implications: The titular Third-type androids are meant to bolster low Martian birth rates as artificial incubators, in other words, literal baby machines; more than that, mass-produced housewives capable of actually raising the resulting children. The bad guys are feminists who have taken over Earth and would rather not be replaced. To the tune of starting The War of Earthly Aggression. And after hearing Armitage scream that she will fight to stay alive, and a reprogrammed D'anclaude assassin android state that he respects this as a "refined" individual, you really should catch yourself before agreeing wholeheartedly and consider the origin of the piece — mega-chauvinist Japan.

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