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Awesome: Armitage III
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    OVA and First Movie 
  • The first episode featured Naomi's battle with D'anclaude. When he stabbed her and then she electrocuted him? That was cool.
    • That whole battle, really. Dramatic speech atop the Martian city heights where we suddenly learn that Armitage can control machines with her mind? Running directly at D'anclaude's bullets and a grenade without stopping or caring for the damage?
  • Also in the second episode when Armitage confronted two lecherous punks in a dark allyway, punched one in the groin, and then brutally interrogated the other, scaring the living crap out of him.
  • Episode 3: Armitage self-destructs to get rid of the mecha-D'anclaude. She doesn't die, but she does seriously scramble her CPU in the process.
  • And in episode 4 when Armitage shout that she will keep fighting to stay alive and then the reprogrammed D'anclaude reffering to her as "refined".
    • Later in that episode, Armitage and Ross really do start fighting during their last stand against the military. Jet-powered wings, arm-laser cannons, and Ross in a mecha suit: it's not what you expect, but it's definitely awesome.
  • There's a cool scene in Poly-Matrix that bridges Ross's arrival on Mars and his first meeting with Armitage. In the interim, Armitage apprehends some (cyborg) punks by totaling a bike into their faces, bisecting a guy's head with the wheel, and then declares to her bemused colleagues that she won't be paying for the damage. Badass.

    Second Movie 
  • Here's the early part of the film when Armatage dukes it out with a man in a large robo suit. She makes a large jump attack on him with a large metal rod, and gives him a nasty suplex!
  • Also, when Ross was just a second away from getting gunned down by a helicopter, Armitage distract it, then shoots the pilot in the face!
  • As she rides the elevator to confront Dimitrio, she looks into the camera in the elevator saying, "If you harm so much as a hair on my daughter... I will kill you!"

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