YMMV / An American Werewolf in Paris

  • Awesome Music: Mouth (The Stingray Mix) by Bush.
  • Complete Monster: Claude is the leader of a werewolf society in Paris and the owner of Club de la Lune. Using his club to lure in tourists and thrill seekers, Claude has them locked in when he and his men transform, killing the humans. It was at such a party Andy McDermott gets bitten and his friend Brad gets killed. When Claude tries to recruit Andy, he tries to have him kill his friend Chris as an initiation. He also explains his belief that werewolves are superior to humans and his disdain of hospitals and charities for empowering the weak. It is also revealed he turned himself into a werewolf by stealing the blood of the benevolent werewolf Serafine. When he learns that Serafine's scientist stepfather made a botched cure for lycanthropy, which causes immediate transformations, Claude kills him and raids his lab, so he can distribute the drug in his club and transform whenever he wants to kill innocent people.
  • Narm Charm: In the climax, the shot of Chris running out of the club with a giant cross on his back. In slow motion
  • Sequelitis
  • Special Effects Failure: Computer-generated animation was still a relatively new technique in 1997, and many viewers felt that the CG— used not only for the transformation scenes, but for all shots of the werewolves— was too obvious in this movie.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Julie Delpy. This review adds that her too-good-for-such-a-shlocky-movie performance "isn't necessarily a good thing, since it prevents us from relaxing and enjoying An American Werewolf in Paris as a completely mindless, campy entertainment experience."
    • Delpy's later interviews would reveal that she gave such a good performance despite taking on the film purely for the cash, and disliking the experience so much that she avoided doing any other commercial Hollywood movies.