Funny / An American Werewolf in Paris

  • When Andy is in the hospital, he sends his friends, Brad and Chris to look for a suicide note Serafine might have left at the Eiffel Tower. While looking through a garbage can, and old lady drops some money to them thinking they're homeless. At that point, they just drop what they're doing and fight for the money.
  • When Andy sees Serafine at the hospital, she is fleeing a surgery room. A surgeon walks up to Andy.
    Doctor: Sir, have you seen a woman around here? She stole my heart.
    Andy: I know the feeling.
  • After Andy is attacked by a werewolf, the next morning he wakes up confused at Serafine's house. To calm him down, she has Andy feel her bare breasts, much to his confusion.
    Andy: Last night... you were throwing bricks at me.