YMMV / Alien Soldier

  • Anticlimax Boss: Once you find out how to damage Z-Leo, you'll find him WAY EASIER than many of the other bosses (such as Seven Force and Epsilon-1).
  • Awesome Moments: Regardless of the difficulty you choose, You deserve a medal if you can beat the game in one sitting without using passwords nor the slowdown (SPD) feature even once!
  • Best Boss Ever: Combined with That One Boss at the same time!
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: A blue teddy bear, menaced by kissing aliens, operates a power boat and is unceremoniously thrown overboard by a giant lobster. Hell, half the bosses are like this; a cyborg wolf with an Arm Cannon riding a horse, anyone?
  • Breather Boss: Melon Bread, a.k.a. "Jampan", is just as easy as he was in Gunstar Heroes, and you can, as before, kill him before he can even attack. Right after him is Seven Force.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The whole soundtrack; of worthy note is Runner AD2025, the first stage theme.
  • Even Better Spinoff: While Gunstar Heroes is a classic Treasure masterpiece even to this day, this game refines the combat, is faster and even more intense, provides greater challenge and reward in equal measure, has even better music, and gets rid of some of the more awkward gameplay changes and the occasional bits that didn't work.
  • Goddamned Bats: Those bee-like enemies that you fight between boss battles. Better have the homing ready, as they come in swarms, shoot at you, then fly erratically and kamikaze you. The bomb-dropping alien birds also do get really annoying too.
  • Goddamned Boss: Some of the bosses may not be tough, but they are certainly annoying.
  • Nightmare Fuel: More than a few of the enemies encountered are grotesque.
    • Sniper Honeyviper especially comes to mind.
    • The moth/fly boss that eventually gets eaten by Back Stringer. Watching it futilely flap its wings as the spider approaches and while the spider EATS IT ALIVE may gives you chills.
  • Tear Jerker: That cute blue bear that drives the boat for you? He gets thrown into the river by the Lobster boss, helplessly calling for help.
  • Those Several Bosses: Listing these would take up half the article. The queen bitch of them all, however, must be Siren Force. You fight her underwater, depriving you of your fire-based weapons, in a constantly moving vortex full of mines, with a timer that's about to run out. Oh, and after you've fought Valkyrie, Medusa, Silpheed and Artemis Force, none of which are exactly a walk in the park.
    • Epsilon-1, your character's Superpowered Evil Side which manifests itself in an evil giant robotic eagle bent on destroying humanity. Its weak spot, the head, is obscured by its two talons that absorb ALL shots they touch. Oh, and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of his attacks do 200 damage, enough to kill you in a few hits or so. Finally, the only weapon that does decent damage against it is the ammo-scarce Lancer Force (provided it doesn't get blocked by the talons). Which you might probably have run out of after three boss battles in a row against Sunset Sting, Viblack, and Back Stringer.
      • The only reason that this bird is not as hair-tearingly difficult as Seven Force? It's one of the few bosses that doesn't do Collision Damage to you.
      • Several FA Qs and walkthroughs automatically assume you're playing this on an emulator and naturally assume you're going to save state anyway. But how to dodge Epsilon-1's bombing wave? If the initial strike is next to you, walk instead of teleport. If you teleport at the wrong time, you WILL eat the subsequent attack when you come to.