YMMV / After Burner

  • Awesome Music: Final Take Off, Red Out and After Burner. The music from II on the Genesis was so awesome that it was put in Climax in case the players didn't like the new music or wanted the nostalgia value.
  • Demonic Spiders: Missiles and enemies that appear from behind. You can't damage them; all you can do is evade them until they clear out.
    • Or just slow down and let them overtake you. Then blast the suckers when they're in front.
  • Narm: Sky Target delivers us this line: There is a big missile heading up from below. Make dessert of it.
    • Also stage 04A in an Arctic level on Climax, one of your squad members has this gem: "Next time, I'm here on vacation!.
    • Also in Climax, your (justifiable) Voice with an Internet Connection. The guy who delivers the objectives sounds so over the top.
  • Polished Port: The 3DS version of After Burner II, as detailed here.
    • The XBLA and PSN ports of Climax qualify as well.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The barrel roll mechanic. Triggered by jerking the stick from extreme right to extreme left or vice versa, it is often done on accident, and once you start rolling you have no control over your ship until the rolling stops. The result? A lot of barrel rolling into missiles.
  • That One Level: Sleepless Sanctuary, the 12th stage of Climax. Streams of missiles, hooray!