YMMV / A Piece of Rebellion

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • In this fic, the side of Good Cop/Bad Cop that isn't currently in control of their body cannot see what's going on, but can still hear well enough that the other can tell them what's going on by Talking to Themself.
    • GCBC also shows signs of PTSD from working under Lord Business for so long. The fact that they never sleep only underscores the amount of stress they're under; at one point, Good Cop mentions that he tends to have panic attacks once or twice a month due to all the strain.
    • In this fic, GCBC happens to be Happily Adopted, due to being abandoned by their birth parents and picked up by Ma and Pa. Again, this underlines Good Cop's guilt complex and tendency to blame himself for everything going wrong.
    • Emmet's blind faith in President Business and the rules is emphasized, to the point that he believes him completely about the Master Builders. In fact, he doesn't even see the Master Builders as people until a certain incident.
    • Word of God states that this universe's Unikitty is nonbinary.