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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes: Professional Wrestling
Snakes (ophidiophobia), Reptiles (herpetophobia)
  • Savage wrestler Kamala was also afraid of snakes which was quite a problem when he was feuding with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who is so unafraid of snakes that he carries around a rather large one.
  • Roberts also exploited such a fear felt by André the Giant during their feud.

Spiders (arachnophobia)
  • The beautiful people (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne) were fearful of Tara mascot poison, a big hair tarantula. Poison stopped showing up once Tara was forced into Madison's servitude.
  • R-Truth gained a hatred of spiders after John Morrison managed to swindle him out of a WWE championship shot.

Heights (acrophobia)
  • Rey Mysterio has admitted in several interviews to being terrified of heights. It hasn't stopped him from jumping off something high yet, but he's oddly specific about it...
  • JBL hates heights too. Eddie Guerrero had some fun with this while disguised as El Grand Luchador, taunting about how he was not going to escape from Eddie Guerrero, who was going to Frog Splash him from the top of a cage.
  • R-truth accuses all you little Jimmies in the WWE universe of conspiring to put him in a ladder match, cause you know he hates heights. And there better not be one spider on that ladder either!
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