Whos Laughing Now: Anime and Manga

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Butt Monkey + A God Am I - Therapists = The End of the World as We Know It. The mind-bending monster wasn't exactly helping.
  • Minoru in the Show Within a Show in Lucky Star.
  • Teru Mikami in Death Note.
    • And, in a way, Touta Matsuda.
    • All the Death Note users in the pilot chapter (see the anvils?)
    • Kiyomi Takada in the live-action movie.
    • Arguably Light Yagami- he was seriously considering the school bully for his second kill despite how it might implicate him to kill someone he knows.
  • The sequence in Umineko no Naku Koro ni where Maria tortures Rosa over and over as revenge for all the abuse she has suffered at her hands over the years. It doesn't help that most of the torture is graphic and that Beatrice resurrects Rosa over and over for Maria to torture. This is later implied to be All Just a Dream.
  • Lelouch from Code Geass got a lot of mockery from various nobles. He got his laugh.
  • Sasuke from Naruto thinks he's acting out this trope when he tries to remember Konoha, and remembers everybody laughing, concluding that they must have really been laughing at him, and now he'll start getting his revenge! They actually weren't laughing at him but rather at some joke or something, he's just completely insane.
    • Alternatively, it's an unnecessarily dramatic way of saying that he hates Konoha for living and growing thanks to Itachi's sacrifice and yet being completely unaware of it. So what better way to make Itachi's sacrifice meaningful than to destroy the village he sacrificed everything for?
    • Naruto has a few shades of this early on, before he grows out of his Butt Monkey and pariah status, and Naruto himself has said a couple times that if not for his True Companions he might have wound up being an example of this trope.
  • In Pokémon, Ash's recent rival Paul was a Jerk Ass who treated Chimchar, a fire ape, like a literal Butt Monkey, insulting it and yelling at it every time it lost a battle. Paul finally got so fed up that he pulled a non-lethal You Have Failed Me and released Chimchar. Luckily, Chimchar was quickly brought on to Ash's team, who promised to take better care of it. Thanks to Ash, Chimchar started to become successful and confident. It soon evolved to its final stage. What's more, both evolutions were right in front of Paul, who was shocked to see the power that his old Pokémon has gained. In your face, Paul! Later he gets Hoist by His Own Petard in the Sinnoh League, as he ends up losing to that same Infernape that he abused as a Chimchar.
    • Which is also how Ash got his Charmander. Charmander's original owner hated how 'weak' he was and abandoned it in a rainstorm to die. That Charmander grew into Charizard, Ash's strongest Pokémon.
      • At the end of his debut episode even, Charmander finally realized how much of a douche his trainer is, and paid him in kind.
    • In "A Shroomish Skirmish", Ash's Corphish and May's Torchic settle their differences after Corphish protected Torchic from a herd of angry Breloom, and Torchic returned the favor by evolving into Combusken to save him. At the end of the episode, Corphish attempts to steal Combusken's food again (which started their squabble in the first place) but was now more intimidated by the more powerful Combusken, and Combusken simply laughs it off.
    • And then there's the Team Rocket trio, who were originally constantly kicked around by the heroes, but during the Best Wishes series, they actually became like this. But they still loose anyway.
  • A variation happens in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, when Rossiu, who's had more than a few digs sent his way by Kamina, grows up to be an Evil Chancellor and nearly has Simon (The Hero and Kamina's main protege) executed- albeit for an unrelated reason.
  • Tetsuo Shima in AKIRA not only pulls it off, but moves to the next level and creates his own universe.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied. after suffering years of abuse the final straw is when the bullies beat her puppy to death right in front of her—and they only found out about it because the Alpha Bitch in Sheep's Clothing pretended to be her friend. "You know who isn't human? You know who isn't human?! PEOPLE LIKE YOU!" ...and the bullies explode in Ludicrous Gibs.
    • Plus her first fight scene with that Badass Normal gun-maniac. He attacks her in the form of Nyuu, and when she turns back into Lucy, she outright says the trope phrase as she blinds him and removes his arm.
  • In the second season of The '90s Sailor Moon Wiseman convinces ChibiUsa that everyone saw her as an annoying little brat and wanted her gone. She uses the powers he gives her to turn into Black Lady and treats her former friends this way.
    • In the original Codename: Sailor V manga, Minako outright admits her actions as a vigilante weren't out of a strange sense of justice but because she disliked cops and wanted to show them up.
  • It's never brought up in-series and is therefore something of a meta example, but Noriko Takaya definitely qualifies. First episode? She has almost no talent or self-confidence, and is the academy's Chew Toy / Butt Monkey, qualifying for Chief Woobie after she has a short mental breakdown. Episodes five and six? She's a genderflipped Simon.
    Fandom: "Who's laughing now, you sadistic bitches? WHO'S?! LAUGHING?! NOW?!"
  • Used to absolutely horrifying effect in Tokyo Ghoul:Re. Remember Seidou Takizawa, the Plucky Comic Relief from the CCG that was always being shown up by his brilliant peers and made to feel like he was Always Second Best? After being Reforged into a Minion, he proceeds to go on brutal killing spree to show off the powers he's gained as Aogiri's new Half-Human Hybrid and quickly establishes himself as the major threat of the Arc.