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The Speed Gamers are a group of people based out of Texas, who run marathons of video games to raise money for charity. As the name implies, these gamers don't just play the games, they try to complete them as quickly as possible, and on a live feed without tool assistance. The site also includes podcasts, a Twitter feed, and a massive fan-art section. They have grown an amazingly active community that rallies behind them, advertising on news sites and forums across the Internet. Notably, TSG has been featured in an article at The Escapist, as well as covered on CBS and NBC. In the past few months, they have started to produce original content, including Vlogs, artwork, and reviews.

So far, they have raised over $250,000 (USD) for various charities with the following marathons:

They have also ran several marathons for other causes or to thank the community for their continued support. These include:

Pending marathons:

Provides examples of the following:

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes - Prizes are given out to fanartists and top donators, including t-shirts and hats in the past.
  • Announcer Chatter - One of the main attractions is the commentators, who'll do almost anything for a donation.
    • And when we mean anything, we do mean anything. One stunt they're going to to be doing soon as a reward for reaching a goal for their HQ is to carry Oscar (Who, to be honest, isn't the lightest guy in the world, although he's still awesome) on their back and walk a mile.
  • Ascended Extra - Phil volunteered to play Twilight Princess when their scheduled player couldn't do it. He's been a core member ever since.
  • Combined Energy Attack - Commentators will often call for the viewers to lend their energy to the player in difficult situations.
  • Deep-Fried Whatever - This trope managed to possess the IRC chat for a good half day.
  • Eat That - Scorpion suckers, vegemite, hair sandwiches, incredibly spicy peppers...
  • Electric Torture - Introduced in Mario Marathon 2012, thanks to an electronic massage machine.
  • Exty Years from Now - "In the Year 3000..."
  • Fan-Art - Gwellin suffers from terminal fanartitis. If you don't draw, he'll die!
  • Hurricane of Puns - During collaborative Skype commentaries, Toast (and to a lesser extent, Tyler Worth) have a lot of fun bombarding Anatotitan with puns.
    • During the Metroid 2011 Marathon, Tyler initiated "Operation Van Der Tweet", where the community members flooded actor James Van Der Beek's twitter with puns of his last name. It was a huge success.
  • Mundane Made Awesome - There was a massive debate about Gravy during the Pokemon Marathon of Summer 2014.
  • Must Have Caffeine - Well, when you're playing games for a dozen hours at a time...
  • Nice Hat - Phil's hat is a community meme unto itself. Also, Gwellin and his Canada hat.
  • Pungeon Master - Toast
  • Quip to Black - Mostly imitating CSI (Caruso variety.)
  • Running Gag - Every time a person asks how old they have to be to join The Speed Gamers, the age requirement goes up.
  • Speedrun - The overall premise of their gaming marathons.