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Webcomic: Nemu-Nemu
Nemu-Nemu is a webcomic by Audra Ann "kyubikitsy" Furuichi and Scott "kimonostero" Yoshinaga.

Anise Kurobu and Kana Mezurashi are two young girls who both desperately want a dog of their own. Too bad both are not allowed to get one. But when Ani finds a store that she thinks has a magic lamp in it, they instead find a pair of talking stuffed pups, which the Enigmatic Shopkeeper gives them for free. The Girls and the pups, dubbed Anpan and Nemu, now celebrate every day that passes.

The comic is very sweet, almost too much so, but it never gets in your face about it. The comic updates every Monday, Wednsday, and Friday here. New readers are warned, as the strip has been going since 2006.

Needs some Wiki Magic.

Nemu-Nemu provides examples of the following tropes:

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alternative title(s): Nemu Nemu; Nemu-Nemu
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