Webcomic / El Vosque


"This story took place in a kingdom called El Vosque. A kingdom full of life, full of death, with lots of trees. This story, as all good stories do, started with a murder. A simple murder, that only involved the assassin and the victim. A crime, nevertheless, with lots of ramifications. A murderer with a very simple weapon. A victim with lots of ramifications."

El Vosque is a spanish fantasy webcomic written by Morán, better known by his other webcomic ¡Eh, Tío! (or maybe not so much anymore), and drawn by Laurielle. Launched in 2009, it is available in English [1] (although the story is less advanced) and is set in an original medieval fantasy universe.

The comic begins with the murder of the Ancient Elm (seriously) followed by the police investigation and the political problems generated by its death.

Contains examples of: