Webcomic / Control Your Offspring

Control Your Offspring, a Furry Webcomic thatstarted in October 2011, is the work of Joe Ogielo, aka, Cuz Iím Joe. The webcomic follows the newspaper gag-a-day format with each comic standing on its own. The comic features Anthropomorphic Personifications of the strip creatorís pets. They also break the fourth wall with the pets commenting on the artistís drawing skills. The comic also features several one off gags and parodies of movies and pop culture.

Control Your Tropes:

  • Art Evolution: The style of works changes and evolves with each strip.
  • Furry Comic: Lead characters include two dogs, Simmy and Ozzie and two cats, Stanlee and Sabrina.
  • Filler Strips: Occasional one off strips.
  • Mall Santa: At one point, Simmy threatens a Mall Santa
  • Talking Animal: Simmy, Ozzie, Stanlee and Sabrina all talk.