Webcomic / Chairman Jack: Emerge

Chairman Jack: Emerge (title might change later on) is an Interactive Comic by Crippledvulture: a sequel to A Beginner's Guide to the End of the Universe.

Warning: Spoilers for A Beginner's Guide... follow.

The plot, through time dilation shenanigans, takes place both minutes and years after the events of A Beginner's Guide. The protagonist is Chairman Jack, a bird who, in the events of Guide, became a cybernetic human-bird hybrid. He becomes a protector of a human settlement, whose major problem at the moment are bands of sky pirates.

A mirror is here, and the original forum thread is here.

Tropes present within the comic include:

  • GIS Syndrome: Like in the previous part.
  • I Meant to Do That: We assure Jast that we meant to do that. Classic misdirection.
  • Mind Hive: Jack, who has a function called "Internal Politics" showing various opinions structured as parties in a Parliament. Whether this is literal or just a metaphor for his internal thought processes is unknown.
  • Royal "We": Jack, as shows through the first-person narration. It might have something to do that his mind is apparently structured like an entire parliament of separate personalities.
  • Series Hiatus: Since March 2012. The author promised to get back to the comic soon, but has yet to fulfill this promise.
  • Sky Pirate: Fighting them off is Jack's first mission.