Webcomic: Absent Minded Theater

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Because Absent Minded Theater is a Standard Fantasy Setting Low Fantasy dark comedy about a girl with one arm and no legs and a few other people who are being slowly and tragically (and hilariously) destroyed by all the worst aspects of a standard Renaissance-Europe fantasy setting. You know, like the awful medical care, and the evil forest, and the magic (which-you-can-only-get-by-selling-your-first-born-to-a-witch), and the crops to grow, because you've got crippled kids to feed. Even in fantasy-land.

Contains examples of:

  • Black Comedy Rape: Subverted. Koeb said she deliberately tried to write Wilbur's rape in a way that fit the darkly humorous mood of the comic, but made it clear how devastating it was to the characters involved. The comic showing how utterly broken Wilbur is as a result is a scene she admits she couldn't make funny.
    • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Consciously averted. Koeb wrote Wilbur and Daisy's reaction to the rape as a counterpoint to the belief that female-on-male rape isn't "real rape".
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Sigmund went to hell not because he "killed" Daisy, but because he killed his own mother and then let her rot without eating her. For dragons, wasting food is the greatest sin.
  • Brilliant but Lazy / Bystander Syndrome / Refusal of the Call: Ray, a perfectly capable soldier, will not bother helping his own uncle from being kidnapped by a witch because, well.... he didn't feel like it.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Quincy, of all people, is showing shades of this. He started out as a snarky voice of reason amongst his brothers, but once Stan told him how he thought his uncle and Daisy were dead due to being gullible and a lack of communication skills, he became a major playing character.