Web Video / The Proxy

"The Proxy" is an action/sci-fi webseries which ran from March 8-17, 2012.

The story starts when YouTube tat reviewer Stuart Ashen attempts to review the contents of a package addressed to his neighbour, Tom Bishop—a USB flash drive. Suddenly, he is interrupted when two men break into his house and attack him, forcing him to go on the run. After running into Tom, and after both are rescued by an amnesiac woman with bizarre powers, who they dub "Sarah", the three go on a quest to find out the story behind the drive and their assailants.

The series is an ARG, although only UK residents are eligible to enter. However, the series is available for anyone to watch here. and is also available on Ashen's section of That Guy with the Glasses here.

It's hinted in this video of Ashen's that a second season has been produced or is in production with a soonish release datenote . Either that, or that's one big Shout-Out given the video's topic. And then it turns out that it's just a callback.

This webshow provides examples of: