Web Video / Sync

A web series made by the guys at Corridor Digital and hosted by Bammo.

It's set in the year 2025, where mankind has created the first computerized human, and he is a total badass.

The full Director's Cut can be watched here.


  • Brain Uploading: The Sync program in a nutshell, with Charlie being able to upload into alternate bodies when the one he's currently inhabiting dies.
    • He can also traditionally be held in computer storage, although he really doesn't want to be held in there, since he thinks they might just not let him out again.
  • Cameo: Freddie Wong, Jimmy Wong and Harley Morenstein.
  • Establishing Series Moment: The first episode opens with One-Man Army Charlie talking his way into a drug den, with only a pistol and his razor-sharp wit. He gets to the crime lord's office, issues an ultimatum and a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, gets grabbed from behind, and then... beheaded. Then he wakes up perfectly unharmed in his backup shell, while HQ berates him for needlessly wasting resources. Apart from a few shots of the inactive shell, this is the first indication that it's even a sci-fi series.
  • Gang Bangers: The latino gang from the first episode fits the trope to a T. Drug and human traffickers mostly up to no good with no moral ulterior motive.
  • Hollywood Hacking: The cause of the singularity is through a majong game. (Actually a trojan-but how it caused a singularity is unknown.)
  • Precision F-Strike: Several.
  • Prophet Eyes: Any one of Charlie's shells other than the one he's currently in.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: We discover in episode 2 that our character is TRYING to take a committed relationship somewhere. But of course; The Call Knows Where You Live and his handlers need him, right this second, just as he's proposing. Quite the time to have to clock-in. Made ingeniously awkward by the fact that he can switch bodies and they forcibly switch him into one at the station and leave his other body comatose and in a heap at her house.
  • Slice of Life: About 97% of episode 2 is the events leading up to and contained within the main character's dinner with his girlfriend. The other 3 percent is his job screwing things up.
  • Shout-Out: Has a few references to internet memes and viral videos.
    • When Charlie proposes to his girlfriend, horseplay ensues.
    Reese: (While laughing.) Charlie, you bit me! (Squeal) That really hurt, Charlie!
    • A Chinese billboard advertises bottles of "Impossibrew."
  • The Singularity: An accidental one.
  • Translation Convention: Hilariously Lampshaded when someone appears to pause episode 3 for you, and change the language from "Chinese" to "English." From that exact point on, everyone in the Hong Kong setting appears to be speaking dubbed-over English.