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I beliiiiieeeeeve in Sad Panda Q&A!

Five minutes in and logic's already abandoned us. We're getting better!
Welshy, episode 9

Sad Panda Q&A is a strange show hosted by former Channel Awesome contributor and YouTube account holder Welshy and former That Guy with the Glasses music producer Sad Panda. Any claims that this series actually answers questions are quite false.

The show was hosted by TGWTG, and supposedly viewers can send Sad Panda questions, which are then asked by Welshy. While he tries to get Panda to give at least one straight answer every episode, he usually fails after being blocked out by assorted madness such as cameos, flashbacks, insulting Cferra, subtitles, warning signs, and commercial breaks. Needless to say it has a very light grasp on continuity and one certainly shouldn't go there hoping to learn something about Panda.

The show has returned for a second season on Phelous.com.

For Panda's other equally bizarre show, see Forget About It.

The series contains the following tropes.

I beliiiiieeeeeve!

Alternative Title(s): Sad Panda Q And A