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Web Animation: Mario Brothers
Mario Brothers is an epic five-part flash video series featuring the Super Mario Bros. series and characters. It was created by Alxlen. The story is a tragedy, using 8-bit sprites and orchestral music to surprising effect.

One day, King Koopa declares war on the Mushroom Kingdom, with plans to storm the castle and kill the Princess. Mario and Luigi try to stop him, but during the battle, Luigi is hit by a fireball and dies.

After a period of mourning, Mario sets off to try and save the Mushroom Kingdom and the Princess, and bring his brother back to life... but it may already be too late.

The series can be viewed here on Newgrounds or here on YouTube.

This series contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: King Koopa. He personally kills Luigi and plans to kill the Princess and Mario.
  • Big Good: The Princess. She rules over the Mushroom people and can produce life-giving mushrooms from nothing.
  • Book Ends: The series starts and ends with the same scene of Mario running from something.
  • Darker and Edgier: Koopa is a completely serious and terrifying villain here, and deaths are treated with the seriousness death entails.
  • Downer Ending: At the end of the series everyone is dead, including Mario.
  • The Dreaded: King Koopa, who is portrayed as a terrifying, nigh-unstoppable villain.
  • Driven to Suicide: In the ending, Mario stops running and lets the lava overtake him.
  • Hope Spot: Mario finds the 1-Up Mushroom to revive Luigi... but he'd been dead too long for it to work.
  • How We Got Here: The series starts with Mario running from something while lamenting his failures, and flashes back to show what occurred. Alxlen later said he regretted doing this because it more or less locked the story into a Foregone Conclusion.
  • Kill 'em All: At the end of the series everyone is dead, including Mario.
  • Medium Blending: Koopa's fireballs are 16-bit, and the 8-bit armies are seen in layers with Flash animation.
  • Mood Whiplash: The movies end with the cheery underwater theme for the credits.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: All character sprites are from the original Super Mario Bros with the exception of the Toads, whose sprites are from Super Mario Bros. 2 and have a slightly different artstyle (most notably, being outlined in blue while no other sprites have outlines). This is likely due to Toad's only sprite in the original game not exactly lending itself well to all the action required by the Toads in this series.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting: This music underscores most of the series.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: King Koopa and his army are defeated for once and for all... at the cost of the lives of Princess Toadstool, the Toads, and even the Mario Brothers themselves. The Mushroom Kingdom itself may even be doomed to destruction, since the last we see is the land being overtaken by the lava erupting from Koopa's castle.
  • Relative Button: Mario was already sworn to protect the princess, but Luigi's death at King Koopa's hands made Mario even more determined to see Koopa's defeat.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Word of God confirmed that the lava unnaturally erupting from Koopa's castle was the devastating result of Koopa's dark magic and Toadstool's own magic mixing when they both fell into the lava.

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