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The Ultimate Warrior is in another state of awareness.
It seems he is the only one that understands his own words. Maybe we don't understand what he means until we are ready to understand.
  • There is one other person who can understand him: Homsar.
The Ultimate Warrior was positioned to win his feud with Undertaker at WrestleMania XIII.
If it hadn't been for Warrior's pay dispute with Vince McMahon after SummerSlam 1991, Warrior would have dominated his feud with Jake Roberts, whom Undertaker had sent to soften up Warrior so he could finish him off once and for all. However, Warrior dominates the feud before coming back around for an epic, main-event battle that was positioned to be one of the greatest matches in wrestling history. In the end, Warrior completely demolishes Undertaker, beating him so bloody and severely that Undertaker is virtually unconscious by match's end. With Undertaker no longer a credible threat and virtually harmless now, Mark Caloway leaves the WWF for another organization, where he is never taken seriously again. Warrior, however, continues to build as wrestling's Next Big Thing and Greatest Superhero of all time, dealing with even more severe threats but coming out on top each time.
He made a deal with the Devil
He figured "Vince would never break the streak." Sadly, the devil turned out to be Vince/Taker/Brock(take your pick).
Warrior was already dead before he made his final Promo.
His spirit came to the ring to say his goodbye to his fans.
Warrior didn't actually die, he just had to go back to his planet.
But in order to keep the secret of his race's existence (and avoid being compared to Poochie), he decided to deliver one last goodbye then fake his death.
Warrior knew he was going to die soon.
Maybe not the exact moment, but the months leading up to his Hall of Fame induction were apparently spent making peace with the myriad grudges he'd accumulated over the years. One gets the feeling that he knew something was wrong and decided he didn't want to go to his grave holding a grudge.