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    The 2001 anime 
Wedge is Bumblebee.
Just reformatted. Also, there's no Spike/Sam.

Scourge could have destroyed the Autobots if not for Kelly.
Her being accidentally scanned along with Optimus and the tanker resulted in his inheriting her horrible luck. Thus, even if his fighting skills are superior, he's got More Dakka, and has plans actually have teeth... he'll never fare any better than Kelly trying to enjoy her vacation. A sad fate indeed.

Car Robots was initially designed as a new incarnation of the Brave Series.
This is an old one, but worth mentioning. The toy line is extremely similar to other Brave lines: the main figure (Fire Convoy) has a smaller robot mode which combines with its trailer. A secondary figure (God Magnus) combines with it to make a super mode. There are also two secondary combiners (JRX and Build King). The enemies have one new figure (Gigatron) with repaints as the only other villains (Valdigus, Black Convoy, the Idiot Trio). Considering the successful relaunch of Microman at the time, they may have tried to do it again with the Brave Series, only to shunt it over to Transformers after the success of Beast Wars Neo.

T-AI likes to show off.
Presumably, she could just do whatever task is required at the moment without using a middle man (I.E. using a hologram to type out commands on her keyboard), but would rather take the slightly more confusing route just to prove that she could do it.

Scourge and the Commandos are Autobot Defectors.
Let's see... a lost Autobot crew looking for the O-parts ? Check. Not-so-nice names ? Check. This troper thinks Megatron tempering with their protoforms did not affect them much, except maybe by giving them the common sense of joining his Predacons as soon as they came online. Plus there is no other reason for Scourge and the Commandos to name themselves "Decepticons" when the main baddies are the Predacons. Also, this troper believes that Mega-Octane used to be in charge of the team until Scourge Took a Level in Badass after he scanned his tanker truck mode.

Robots in Disguise is part of the Unicron Trilogy.

    The 2012 comic book 

The reason the Matrix hurt Optimus Prime while he was it's carrier is precisely because he IS the one supposed to carry it.
When Optimus asked Rodimus how it felt to carry the Matrix and Rodimus answered that it felt good to him, Optimus was dejected because he believed that, since he himself feels pain when carrying it, that the Matrix was rejecting Optimus in favor of Rodimus. However, Optimus is wrong: the reason the Matrix hurts Optimus is because Optimus rightfully sees the Matrix as a burden and a responsibility, and the Matrix reacts in kind. It is not rejecting him, on the contrary, the pain the Matrix is causing is a reminder to Optimus of the huge responsibility it is. None of the previous false Primes (Nova, Nominus, Sentinel and Zeta) felt discomfort while carrying the Matrix because they all saw it as a resource and felt entitled to it. Optimus is the only one who can rightfully be called a Prime, so he feels the weight of carrying the Matrix.

Reflector's inconsistencies will be explained, and be related to the Quintessons.
In Spotlight Wheelie, The Reflector Trio died, and Wheelie lived on the planet for many... years? A later publication, All Hail Megatron, established them as being alive. The writer later said that AHM happened before the spotlight, but the Ongoing had Spyglass, one of the Reflector trio, alive only a few months before the Autobots met Wheelie (Who had gone through several adventures). The time scale is bizarre, and makes AHM happen after Spotlight Wheelie. The writer, John Barber, is known for Arc Welding, so he'll probably fix the issue.
  • Also, at the end of the spotlight, a Quintesson drawing appeared with glowing eyes. It's unknown what happened, but Wheelie is later seen sans his alien friend and using a Quintesson ship. Recent issues point to him going back to the planet system he was stranded on.
  • Back on c\Cybertron, Reflector is up and about, the autobots currently have in their possession a space ship that can time travel, and the Reflector bots are spying on it. It also looks like the ship Reflector crashed on.
    • Confirmed, Reflector steals the time traveling ship, and the events play out leading him to go back in time and die. No apparent connections to Quintessons though.

Metalhawk's beliefs will be challenged.
He's the guy who preaches equality and such, and life for all. When he sees turmoil, he's the one who says, just kill him. Despite preaching that the decepticons could be good, and that they should help them, he's saying to kill Turmoil, no "He can be helped" no "Bumblebee your being a tyrant and shouldn't decide who lives or dies." He just says to kill him. Turmoil must have done something pretty terrible for Metalhawk to suddenly renege on his beliefs and demand a guy to be killed by the government.
  • A few fans are picking up on this. He criticizes and undermines Bumblbee and accuses Be of acting on his grudges, and everyone should be given a chance. When turmoil shows up... Metalhawk acts on his grudges, and doesn't want to give turmoil a chance.
    • He admits to have deserted the war because of feelings like that, and that he's on the council to try for peace and deny those feelings.

The Pax Cybertronia is a lie.
Specifically, a lie told to Ironhide and Jhiaxus by Unicron, since both Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye have been hinting at his existence as of late. The first major contradiction with the vision appears to have occurred with Megatron walking out of the wilderness and Starscream's monologue implying this signified everything falling apart afterward, because in the vision of the Pax Ironhide was shown, it was implied that Megatron had not been seen since the defeat of Galvatron and his "Deceptigod", which is clearly no longer true. It's even more telling when you realize Jhiaxus revealed to Orion he'd also had the vision of the Pax while the two were on LV-117 in the era of its eerily-Unicronian destruction. This false vision of a peaceful future where Cybertronians rule the stars probably ties into how Unicron plans to destroy the Transformers because...hey, that's what he does.

Frenzy and Rumble will get an explanation for recent events
In the Transformers Bumblebee Miniseries, Frenzy was left on earth and was going crazy without Soundwave, as almost all the other Cons had left the planet. However, later in the ongoing, he appeared alongside Rumble on the asteroid so many miles away in space. They also had their colors swapped (Even the prequel Autocracy keeps this change). Now what colors they should be is up to debate (RIRFIB or FIRRIB), but the same continuity should keep the colors they started out with. In RID their colors have been restored, so perhaps Barber will fix this inconsistency. Maybe accelerated space travel, or the time ship will come back.
  • Possible. Though it's doubtful the time ship will come back since it was presumably still on LV-117 when it was destroyed.
  • Jhiaxus and crew actually took the ship and left with it, presumably for more time-travelly adventures to fix the continuity... er I mean future.
    • Apparently Jossed. Arcee just dropped in and killed/grievously wounded them.
  • Them dead or wounded in the present does not matter if Jhiaxus is messing around with them in the past, or if Barber finds another way to solve the error.

Now that we know the remaining five Constructicons are still alive
they will have been reconfigured... to be able to form Devastator as a five-robot gestalt rather than six to make up for the fact that Scrapper was killed back on Earth. Or there will be a replacement drone limb to take Scrapper's place or...or something. But with everything going down, and given that the Constructicons aren't dead as well as the fact that they seem to have been upgraded along with the rest of Megatron's forces, it seems like the only way things could get worse is if Megatron were able to bring back the full force of Devastator. And just think, Superion is out there in the wilderness and it's implied that Ironhide-who we last saw being rescued from the rampaging Dinobots by Superion-is close enough to Iacon to be able to pick up Metalhawk's broadcast...
  • Somewhat Jossed. The Constructicons can form Devestator again but with Prowl as the replacement for Scrapper.

Starscream's new body is the result of
  • The events of Remain in Light arc as we see Starscream is affected by the killswitch.
    • Bit of an issue there. Flatline mentions Starscream's new body isn't ready yet in the latest issue, which seems to happen before the killswitch is thrown (best guess is it happens right after the final scene of the issue), which means Starscream was already planning on ditching his current body. The killswitch is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Bludgeon will become a Herald of Unicron
  • Even though he's currently working for Jhiaxus, Unicron's been lurking around the edges of the comics recently, and assuming Jhiaxus is defeated at the end of Dark Cybertron, Bludgeon will once again switch paymasters to the Chaos Bringer and become his chief herald, since Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge aren't available and already have decidedly non-Unicronian origins in this continuity. It wouldn't be the first time Bludgeon has worked for Unicron, directly or indirectly (He worked for The Fallen in War Within, and served Unicron directly as a Herald in the Armada comics, along with Galvatron, Scourge, Thunderwing, and Dirge).

Soundwave is a Reverse Mole for Megatron
  • After Megatron's trial, he and Soundwave had a brief chat, in which Soundwave informed him about Galvatron and Megatron brought Soundwave round to his new way of thinking. They reached an agreement, in which Soundwave would monitor Galvatron on Earth, giving Megatron Ravage to help him monitor the Autobots on the Lost Light who Megatron does not entirely trust. This is why he has not as of yet mentioned Ravage's absence (which he would have noticed). Plus it also fits the new Anti-Villain version of the character. And it would be ironic that round about the time Prowl makes a Face-Heel Turn, Soundwave makes a Heel-Face Turn.

Each of the three factions is going to end up with their own combiner.
  • The Autobots (sort of) have control of Devastator, and Starscream has put Wheeljack to work repairing and rebuilding Superion to defend Cybertron from other combiners. That just leaves the Decepticons, who of course have the Stunticons and their imperfect combined form, Menasor. Menasor will probably be stabilized so that the Stunticons will be able to form him without suffering from the problems Swindle's hamfisted attempt to use combiner technology originally had, which will make him just as dangerous (as the Autobots were able to exploit the weaknesses in Menasor's design to take him down rather easily originally). Then each of the factions will have their own powerful gestalt super-warrior, with Monstructor still out there as a Wild Card (because he's too Ax-Crazy to be controlled by anyone now that Jhiaxus has bit it for good).

Kup is dying.
MTMTE's cybercrosis arc confirmed that Cybertronians can die of old age. Kup is as old as a universe and then some, in addition to being physically dependent on damaging radiation and corrupted by the Undermind and the Dead Universe. He may be made of Badass, but it's all adding up.

Verity Carlo will show.
  • The Autobots need a Token Human ally and it would be fun.

Scrapper will return.
  • His personality and mind still exist within the group-consciousness of Devastator and is currently trying to manipulate Prowl into reviving him. Prowl has slipped up and referred to a couple of different 'bots now as Scrapper, and is suffering nosebleeds of some effect and privately rages that someone needs to get out of his head; Scrapper's consciousness is the one doing all of this. Somehow, Scrapper will manipulate Prowl into getting a new body (one that is Devastator-compatible) and retake his place within the gestalt, robbing Prowl of both his ability to control the giant and his minions, the other Constructicons, who will rally behind their old pal. The "real life" reason for this is because Devastator is receiving a Titan-class toy that features Scrapper in his usual position as a leg and they need to advertise that.
    • The writers seem to have accounted for the toy by having Starscream imprison Prowl and replace him on the team with Scoop, who has a similar enough altmode to Scrapper (and is Devastator's right leg, with Hook going back to the head position) to be an effective visual substitute.

[[WMG: Blackrock is really...]
  • Onyx Prime in disguise. C'mon. A mysterious and slightly eccentric person who just showed up out of nowhere, capable of using and reverse-engineering Cybertronian technology. Yeah, not suspicious at all. And the name is sort of a hint. After all, onyx is a (occasionally) black gemstone.

    The 2015 animated series 
It will end up being Screwed by the Network
With The Hub's conversion to Discovery Family, Hasbro will only have control over the 9:00 am-3:00 pm time slots. This keeps Robots in Disguise out of the key after-school viewing time essential to grabbing the show's target demographic, let alone the 7:00 pm time slot that Transformers Prime enjoyed.
  • Did they actually say 9-3 in any of the announcements? I only recall them mentioning that Hasbro had the "daytime" schedule, which is pretty flexible. And besides, they can still at least premiere it on Saturday mornings, which works just fine for MLP.
  • Jossed for being Screwed By The Discovery Family, because Hasbro has decided to have the show air on Cartoon Network due to being a "top rated network that performed well with boys." However, given Cartoon Network's previous treatment with the last Transformers show...
    • There's a chance things could end up better, though— first off, Cartoon Network has come under new management since the fiasco with Animated, and if that fails, Hasbro still owns and produces the show in-house. If CN refuses to play nice, they can simply take their business elsewhere. It's far less of a gamble than when Hasbro signed over all production of Animated to Cartoon Network Studios.
    • The screwing has happened (thanks, Teen Titans Go!), how it gets dealt with remains to be seen.

Optimus Prime will come back to life, one way or another.
It's not Transformers without Prime. Though he's appearing in visions to Bumblebee, there will come a point where he comes back to life, one way or another.
  • Confirmed, the Primes give Optimus a new body in the season finale.

Starscream is...
  • The leader of the Decepticons. He managed to grow a pair and subjegate Predaking.
  • Dead: Predaking killed him.
  • Correction: Predaking, Sky Lynx and Darksteel killed him. After the gave him a good beating.

The hammerhead shark guy in the trailer is Sky-Byte.
He is, after all, a blue shark Decepticon, in a series called "Robots in Disguise".
  • Possibly Jossed, as the Kreon version of him gives him the name "Hammerstrike". I say "possibly" because Kre-O doesn't always perfectly copy the current show and is prone to creating original characters.
  • Soooooo...no awesome theme song?
    • Sadly no. And probably no haikus either.

Reasons for Grimlock's change in personality and allegiance in this series...

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia
    • Not an unlikely prospect— notice how, when Strongarm calls him a criminal, he replies "I am not a criminal! ...Or at least, I don't think I am."
  • Deep-cover operation?
  • Maybe after Cybertron was restored and Optimus sacrificed himself, Grimlock challenged Bumblebee for leadership of the new world. Knowing Grimlock, this could easily have resulted in a violent struggle, and after being defeated, he was imprisoned alongside the Decepticons.

Grimlock's history will be broadly consistent with Fall of Cybertron and the IDW Prime comics.
Mairghread Scott is Script Coordinator for the show, and she also wrote both the Rage of the Dinobots and Beast Hunters comics, which were centered on Grimlock and the Dinobots and maintained some impressive Arc Welding with their Fall of Cybertron backstory. It stands to reason that Ms. Scott would strive to make sure what is basically her character remains consistent.

By that same token, Grimlock will face off with Shockwave at some point.
Probably in Season 2, since that's when the creators said they wanted to reintroduce characters from Prime. Grimlock would definitely wanna take another bite out of Shockwave if they both end up on Earth at the same time, considering he was the cause of millions of years of torment for the Dinobot.

Grimlock isn't the real Grimlock.
He's a dinosaur-shaped Decepticon who thinks he's Grimlock. Hey, it's already been established that he has memory problems.

Grimlock may be a criminal due to Decepticon experimentation. He may also have some kind of personal connection to one of the other Autobots.
He and the other Dinobots could be part of an underground group of Autobots that are attempting to reclaim Cybertron untill Grimlock is eventually captured and forcibly experimented upon by Shockwave, which causes him to crave violence, possibly to the point that he kills or severely mauls an ally (possibly another Dinobot, like Swoop) and attempts a coup-de-grace, which gets Grimlock arrested by Prowl for assault and/or murder, which leads to him getting incarcerated. Grimlock would then be boarded onto a prison vessel, put into cryostasis and sent on his way.

Grimlock was imprisoned for something he doesn't remember doing, or had no control of himself while doing.
The official Hasbro Studios website claims that he was "unjustly imprisoned for his looks"— this, along with Bumblebee making the distinction in the trailer that Grimlock is a Dinobot and not an Autobot, suggests that there is some kind of ingrained prejudice against Grimlock and the rest of his kind (which, as it were, is also consistent with the Beast Hunters comics). We know that Grimlock experiences uncontrollable explosions of rage now and then, due to Shockwave's experiments. Maybe, through no fault of his own, he went berserk at some point and caused some kind of serious damage that was used as a reason to finally put him away— Autobot authorities already hated him for what he was, and this one slip-up gave them an excuse they needed to throw Grimlock in the stockade.

Steeljaw will be the de facto "leader" of the earthbound Decepticons.
It's nothing certain, but I couldn't help but notice that Steeljaw is the only Decepticon to have a confirmed toy in every single size class so far— something that tends to only happen with really important characters. If he's not a leader, he'll probably at least be one of the guys who, as the creators said at NYCC, has "bigger plans".
  • Seems to be confirmed by the leaked Chinese episodes— Steeljaw assembles a "pack" out of all the other Decepticons that the Autobots defeat.
  • Yep, it's confirmed.

Alternatively, Steeljaw will be some kind of turncoat or Wild Card character.
Analysis of a single frame of animation in a recent trailer reveals that he has a scratched-out Decepticon insignia. Maybe it's just supposed to emphasise his "wolfishness", but it might also be an indicator of some kind of falling-out with the Decepticon cause on his part. He could end up as the BW Dinobot of the series, or perhaps a 'Con version of Tigatron, having an affinity for the wild and just wanting to be alone with nature.
  • Seemingly Jossed by the above.

Shockwave will be the Man Behind the Man to Steeljaw and the other escaped Decepticons.
The Decepticons are all the result of his experiments,hence their animalistic traits and alternate modes.

If Season 2 has a new Big Bad...
It'll be Galvatron, who is his own 'Con and not a reincarnation of Megatron, a la the IDW Galvatron.

  • Quite likely so far. The Japanese opening shows a very Galvatron like Decepticon hidden in shadow. So its likely that he will appear in season 1 even.
  • Actually, according to the mobile game that's Megatronus (previously known as The Fallen).

Denny is an undercover Unit:E agent.
Think about it— he was remarkably mellow about the idea of giant alien robots, all too willing to join up with them, and has an inordinate amount of knowledge about industrial targets that are likely to be hit by Decepticons (the oil refinery Hammerstrike attacked, the liquid oxygen plant Chop Shop went after). On top of that, he was somehow able to produce a convincing fake ID for the chemical plant, and always seems to have good cover-up ideas. If he's not just impossibly lucky, he may very well know more than he lets on. Bonus points if his work with Unit:E is also part of why his marriage with Rusty's mom has apparently fallen apart.

Megatron will return in the Season Finale
Depending on how they decide to pull his Heel-Face Turn, he may appear as:
  • Genuinely repentant and trying to make up for his evil ways by helping to hunt down the most dangerous convicts; however, since he has quite the dark history and one doesn't renounce a lifetime of violence overnight, there will be tension between him and Team Bumblebee (and maybe even a fight).
  • Having faked his redemption and trying to create a new Decepticon army.
  • Being genuine in his regret, but under the control of something much worse.
    • Either way, he will act as a Knight of Cerebus, running after/from something much worse and more dangerous than the escaped Decepticons.
  • Jossed. Megatronus appears, but not the Megatron.

One of the series arcs will be the return of the Thirteen
We already have Ghost Optimus...
  • And now news about the mobile game indicate the return of Megatronus, The Fallen.

Hank, the girl introduced in episode 4, will eventually become Grimlock's partner
Grimlock already seems to have taken a liking to her (despite the fact that she hasn't been formally introduced to the Autobots yet).

The show takes place Twenty Minutes into the Future.
Cybertron has been rebuilt and repopulated (by both newly-born protoforms and returned Cybertronians). And the city in Earth looks very shiny. And the look on Bumblebee's face when he returned to Earth, as if it has been a very long time.

Soundwave will return.
He somehow escaped the Shadowzone. He'll resemble more like his G1 look, and talk more.

Thunderhoof will be The Starscream to Steeljaw.

The Decepticons from the Alchemor— with the exception of Grimlock— are not "rebranded" or anything of the sort.
Apply Occam's Razor, and you'll find that the idea of the Alchemor's prisoners being ALL petty criminals/mentally ill bots/people the Council didn't like who were forcibly rebranded requires a lot more assumptions than the other option— namely that, yes, they are just plain Decepticons of the usual Megatron-following variety. However, I'm certain that most of them are from either before the Great War fully consumed Cybertron, or some time in the middle. This can be seen based on the memories and physical features of some of the criminals— Terrashock was presumably caught in the middle of his "errand" for Contrail, Minitron had no idea Optimus Prime was dead, most of them have wheels as opposed to the hover modes that modern characters like Sideswipe and Strongarm had...many of the same hints used by the "rebranded" camp. As for what simple crooks, professional criminals, and dangerous head-cases were doing among the Decepticon ranks, it's not hard to imagine that Megatron or his recruiters specifically targeted outcasts like them, promising them a better place in his new order. They joined of their own volition, and were branded accordingly— the tracking devices were a later addition by their Autobot jailers.

Grimlock is the exception— his presence among the prisoners, I'm certain, is meant to be an anomaly. Between his insistence that he's not a criminal, his incredibly short rap sheet (that we never even see), and the fact that the "same" character was known to be an Autobot from the start are intentional hints that there's something fishy going on. And that something could easily be corruption within the new post-war government, as others have suggested— it's just that Grimlock is the hint, while the other Cons are not.
  • It's all Rodimus Prime's fault! He's as bad as Animated!Sentinel Prime!

Steeljaw and Grimlock are NAIL's.

According to the comics, NAIL's use yellow as a color much like Autobot's and Decepticon's use blue and red. Steeljaw is very clever so he could have easily infiltrated the Alchemor and masterminded the sabotage and crash, then posed as a Decepticon to gain followers.

Grimlock is also a NAIL but has blue eyes to denote that he is aligned with the Autobots instead of red like a Decepticon much like the Velocitron and Animatron transformers that joined the Autobots and Decepticons don't have marks even after officially joining up.
  • It's worth noting that in War for Cybertron, the Neutral Transformers in the first mission had yellow running lights, as opposed to red for the Autobots and purple for Decepticons. Steeljaw and Grimlock both have primarily yellow lights as well.

Starscream will come back as a ghost and possess one of the transformers
In Predacons Rising of the previous series, it's heavily implied that Predaking and his Predacons close in on Starscream and maul and kill him. Should that he true, then, as in G1 tradition, Starscream's spark will survive and he will come back as a ghost in Robots in Disguise and try to possess one of the transformers.

Steeljaw's endgame involves gaining control over Unicron's deactivated and unoccupied body at the earth's core
Steeljack had always planned on coming to earth, and sabotaged the Alchemor so it would crash there. Considering how intelligent and crafty he's shown himself to be so far, this isn't much of a stretch. And Unicron's body would be a deadly weapon in the hands of anyone who managed to get it working.
  • Sounds likely: one of the books indicates he's searchig for an "Anti-Spark" (which in Prime is said to be Dark Energon, the blood of Unicron), and news on the mobile game confirm the return of Megatronus, The Fallen and first servant of Unicron.

Steeljaw's ultimate defeat will come from the most unlikely source of all, Minitron
Who will want revenge for Steeljaw abandoning him to face the Autobots alone.
  • And Bumblebee will probably sweeten the deal by offering favorable testimony at Minitron's trial.

The "Megatronus" coming to the show later is not Megatron, but the actual Fallen.
Even taking into account the Art Shift, Megatronus' face and body are just far too different from TFP Megatron. More importantly, though, it makes far more sense for the Primes to be training Optimus to fight a rogue member of their group than it does to just duke it out with Megs again. Perhaps if Optimus meets Solus at some point, she'll offer some explanation as to how Megatronus went from "tragically misguided" to "kill everything" between ancient times and now.
  • Confirmed, but there's no explanation of his change in demeanour aside from mentioning his exile by the other Primes.
  • Well, he does talk about a defeat on Earth that wasn't mentioned before and wasn't expanded upon. Maybe it's something related to that?

Unit:E is covering for the Bee Team or at least knows that Transformers have returned to Earth.
At this point, Bumblebee and his crew have operated in quite a few crowded areas and the Decepticons have been spotted by a number of humans. While these isolated incidents could be easily ignored and forgotten by the general public, the government is familiar with Cybertronians and is probably wondering why Bee hasn't made contact and explained what's going on yet.

The Council has no plans to help the Earth.
The Council on Cyberton has access to Spacebridge technology and more than enough Autobots available to send reinforcements. But so far, they've only sent Jazz and the bounty hunters to return Bumblebee for leaving without their permission. The Council may have been intending to dump the prisoners (and Fixit as well) in a sun or black hole and decided that Earth is far enough away that they can ignore the problem.

Grimlock will do something about his lack of a vehicle mode.
We know he hates the fact that not having a vehicle mode keeps him out of missions near humans, but isn't willing (or possible isn't able) to give up his dinosaur form. In an effort to get a vehicle mode, he'll ask Fixit to give him "The Triple-changer Procedure", which will be risky and put him out of action long enough to be able to pull a Big Damn Heroes later. Perhaps he'll be a monster truck that turns into a monster dinosaur.

Megatronus hasn' allied with Unicron in this continuity.
From what we've seen of the Season Finale, Megatronus was trying to destroy both the AllSpark (Primus) and the Anti-Spark (Unicron), so it's unlikely he's following Unicron's orders. Of course, this means there's another being with power equal or perhaps greater than both backing him up...

Minitron was left at the Autobots' mercy after a single failure, and Kickback was tied to a tree and used as bait after he tried to join the pack. Steeljaw disliking Insecticons might be why both bug-based cons got the brunt of his Bad Boss tendencies.

Sideswipe is Knock Out's son.
After Knock Out joined the Autobots. They have remarkably similar appearances - red, with a similar helm design. They're both vain about their appearances. And they have similar cocky, arrogant attitudes to authority.

Filch loses her Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny and Hulk Speak when in humanoid mode.
Flich may be only be a single-minded kleptomaniac when in her crow form. There's been minor Transformers characters in the past (Road Rage and SG!Grimlock) that have altered personalities in their alt modes, and Filch could have a similar situation with a Dumb Muscle crow form that hoards things and a Classy Cat-Burglar humanoid mode that enjoys the spoils. Some reasoning:
  • Her humanoid mode has only a brief, silent, long-distance appearance in "Collect Them All." Given that that's an entire character model the artists didn't get to show off, they may have future plans for her character.
  • Crows are actually fairly intelligent birds, and given how much the writing team showed their work with the honeybee-like Zizza, they may have done similar research on crows for Filch, and will want to show off their work at a later date.
  • She would make more sense as a prisoner of the Alchemor if she had an "awareness" of her actions and was not just a Strong, but Unskilled hoarder.