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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Transformers: Robots In Disguise
For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

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    The 2001 anime 
Wedge is Bumblebee.
Just reformatted. Also, there's no Spike/Sam.

Scourge could have destroyed the Autobots if not for Kelly.
Her being accidentally scanned along with Optimus and the tanker resulted in his inheriting her horrible luck. Thus, even if his fighting skills are superior, he's got More Dakka, and has plans actually have teeth... he'll never fare any better than Kelly trying to enjoy her vacation. A sad fate indeed.

Car Robots was initially designed as a new incarnation of the Brave Series.
This is an old one, but worth mentioning. The toy line is extremely similar to other Brave lines: the main figure (Fire Convoy) has a smaller robot mode which combines with its trailer. A secondary figure (God Magnus) combines with it to make a super mode. There are also two secondary combiners (JRX and Build King). The enemies have one new figure (Gigatron) with repaints as the only other villains (Valdigus, Black Convoy, the Idiot Trio). Considering the successful relaunch of Microman at the time, they may have tried to do it again with the Brave Series, only to shunt it over to Transformers after the success of Beast Wars Neo.

T-AI likes to show off.
Presumably, she could just do whatever task is required at the moment without using a middle man (I.E. using a hologram to type out commands on her keyboard), but would rather take the slightly more confusing route just to prove that she could do it.

Scourge and the Commandos are Autobot Defectors.
Let's see... a lost Autobot crew looking for the O-parts ? Check. Not-so-nice names ? Check. This troper thinks Megatron tempering with their protoforms did not affect them much, except maybe by giving them the common sense of joining his Predacons as soon as they came online. Plus there is no other reason for Scourge and the Commandos to name themselves "Decepticons" when the main baddies are the Predacons. Also, this troper believes that Mega-Octane used to be in charge of the team until Scourge Took a Level in Badass after he scanned his tanker truck mode.

Robots in Disguise is part of the Unicron Trilogy.

    The 2012 comic book 

Reflector's inconsistencies will be explained, and be related to the Quintessons.
In Spotlight Wheelie, The Reflector Trio died, and Wheelie lived on the planet for many... years? A later publication, All Hail Megatron, established them as being alive. The writer later said that AHM happened before the spotlight, but the Ongoing had Spyglass, one of the Reflector trio, alive only a few months before the Autobots met Wheelie (Who had gone through several adventures). The time scale is bizarre, and makes AHM happen after Spotlight Wheelie. The writer, John Barber, is known for Arc Welding, so he'll probably fix the issue.
  • Also, at the end of the spotlight, a Quintesson drawing appeared with glowing eyes. It's unknown what happened, but Wheelie is later seen sans his alien friend and using a Quintesson ship. Recent issues point to him going back to the planet system he was stranded on.
  • Back on c\Cybertron, Reflector is up and about, the autobots currently have in their possession a space ship that can time travel, and the Reflector bots are spying on it. It also looks like the ship Reflector crashed on.
    • Confirmed, Reflector steals the time traveling ship, and the events play out leading him to go back in time and die. No apparent connections to Quintessons though.

Metalhawk's beliefs will be challenged.
He's the guy who preaches equality and such, and life for all. When he sees turmoil, he's the one who says, just kill him. Despite preaching that the decepticons could be good, and that they should help them, he's saying to kill Turmoil, no "He can be helped" no "Bumblebee your being a tyrant and shouldn't decide who lives or dies." He just says to kill him. Turmoil must have done something pretty terrible for Metalhawk to suddenly renege on his beliefs and demand a guy to be killed by the government.
  • A few fans are picking up on this. He criticizes and undermines Bumblbee and accuses Be of acting on his grudges, and everyone should be given a chance. When turmoil shows up... Metalhawk acts on his grudges, and doesn't want to give turmoil a chance.
    • He admits to have deserted the war because of feelings like that, and that he's on the council to try for peace and deny those feelings.

The Pax Cybertronia is a lie.
Specifically, a lie told to Ironhide and Jhiaxus by Unicron, since both Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye have been hinting at his existence as of late. The first major contradiction with the vision appears to have occurred with Megatron walking out of the wilderness and Starscream's monologue implying this signified everything falling apart afterward, because in the vision of the Pax Ironhide was shown, it was implied that Megatron had not been seen since the defeat of Galvatron and his "Deceptigod", which is clearly no longer true. It's even more telling when you realize Jhiaxus revealed to Orion he'd also had the vision of the Pax while the two were on LV-117 in the era of its eerily-Unicronian destruction. This false vision of a peaceful future where Cybertronians rule the stars probably ties into how Unicron plans to destroy the Transformers because...hey, that's what he does.

Frenzy and Rumble will get an explanation for recent events
In the Transformers Bumblebee Miniseries, Frenzy was left on earth and was going crazy without Soundwave, as almost all the other Cons had left the planet. However, later in the ongoing, he appeared alongside Rumble on the asteroid so many miles away in space. They also had their colors swapped (Even the prequel Autocracy keeps this change). Now what colors they should be is up to debate (RIRFIB or FIRRIB), but the same continuity should keep the colors they started out with. In RID their colors have been restored, so perhaps Barber will fix this inconsistency. Maybe accelerated space travel, or the time ship will come back.
  • Possible. Though it's doubtful the time ship will come back since it was presumably still on LV-117 when it was destroyed.
  • Jhiaxus and crew actually took the ship and left with it, presumably for more time-travelly adventures to fix the continuity... er I mean future.
    • Apparently Jossed. Arcee just dropped in and killed/grievously wounded them.
  • Them dead or wounded in the present does not matter if Jhiaxus is messing around with them in the past, or if Barber finds another way to solve the error.

Now that we know the remaining five Constructicons are still alive
they will have been reconfigured... to be able to form Devastator as a five-robot gestalt rather than six to make up for the fact that Scrapper was killed back on Earth. Or there will be a replacement drone limb to take Scrapper's place or...or something. But with everything going down, and given that the Constructicons aren't dead as well as the fact that they seem to have been upgraded along with the rest of Megatron's forces, it seems like the only way things could get worse is if Megatron were able to bring back the full force of Devastator. And just think, Superion is out there in the wilderness and it's implied that Ironhide-who we last saw being rescued from the rampaging Dinobots by Superion-is close enough to Iacon to be able to pick up Metalhawk's broadcast...
  • Somewhat Jossed. The Constructicons can form Devestator again but with Prowl as the replacement for Scrapper.

Starscream's new body is the result of
  • The events of Remain in Light arc as we see Starscream is affected by the killswitch.
    • Bit of an issue there. Flatline mentions Starscream's new body isn't ready yet in the latest issue, which seems to happen before the killswitch is thrown (best guess is it happens right after the final scene of the issue), which means Starscream was already planning on ditching his current body. The killswitch is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Bludgeon will become a Herald of Unicron
Even though he's currently working for Jhiaxus, Unicron's been lurking around the edges of the comics recently, and assuming Jhiaxus is defeated at the end of Dark Cybertron, Bludgeon will once again switch paymasters to the Chaos Bringer and become his chief herald, since Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge aren't available and already have decidedly non-Unicronian origins in this continuity. It wouldn't be the first time Bludgeon has worked for Unicron, directly or indirectly (He worked for The Fallen in War Within, and served Unicron directly as a Herald in the Armada comics, along with Galvatron, Scourge, Thunderwing, and Dirge).

Soundwave is a Reverse Mole for Megatron
  • After Megatron's trial, he and Soundwave had a brief chat, in which Soundwave informed him about Galvatron and Megatron brought Soundwave round to his new way of thinking. They reached an agreement, in which Soundwave would monitor Galvatron on Earth, giving Megatron Ravage to help him monitor the Autobots on the Lost Light who Megatron does not entirely trust. This is why he has not as of yet mentioned Ravage's absence (which he would have noticed). Plus it also fits the new Anti-Villain version of the character. And it would be ironic that round about the time Prowl makes a Face-Heel Turn, Soundwave makes a Heel-Face Turn.

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