Awesome: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

The 2001 anime:

  • The first episode finishes with an epic standoff between Optimus and Megatron.
    Megatron: Don't be a fool Prime, we can share this planet's riches.
    • Optimus starts off the fight by ramming into Megatron (who's in bat mode), while still in vehicle mode.
  • Karl controlling Fortress Maximus in "Mistaken Identity".
  • Despite his Anti-Hero adittude, you knew anytime Ultra Magnus showed up, there was gonna be a moment of awesome.
    • One example, in his debut episode he's unimpressed by the Decepticons' combination form Ruination. Then promptly blasts him back into his component parts.
    • Another example, in the series finale ironically his refusing to take an order form Optimus. Admittedly said order involved leaving him to be killed in a futile attempt to fight Galvatron, but still awesome.
    Optimus: Put me down Magnus. That's an order, got it!
    Ultra Magnus: Sorry brother, no can do. Besides I work freelance, remember? I don't take orders from you.
  • Omega Prime being granted the mighty Matrix Blade in the series finale.
  • Meta: Optimus Prime lives. He makes it through the entire series without dying once. This really says something, given that this is one of about 'three' continuities of dozens where he doesn't die.

The 2012 comicbook:

  • In The Death of Optimus Prime, all the neutrals are having a violent protest, wanting to exile the autobots who reclamed the planet. They begin beating up all the autobot guards, so Prowl sics the Decepticons on them. Ravage mauls a guy, Needlenose and Blitzwing beat a few NAILs down, and Horri-bull strangles one.
  • Arcee is one of the most deadly and powerful Transformers (Evidenced by her taking down the Combaticons in her first outing), and she displays it here, taking on all five Constructicons at once.
    • Bonecrusher gets one to delivering an Offhand Backhand to her the minute she engages them.
  • Issue Five has Prowl, Streetwise, and Sideswipe going to arrest the Decepticons for planning something (But also because one of them, Dirge witnessed Prowl's murder of Bombshell). When they order them to surrender, Needlenose and his flamethrower don't want to.
    • Sideswipe still takes him down though, but not before he bought Swindle and Dirge enough time to escape.
  • From issue 9:
    " Aerialbots. Now... answer to... The Superion.
  • The end of issue 12, with Prowl blowing Staxx to bits and preparing to attack as the Decepticons and Wheeljack look on in awestruck terror is both awesome and horrifying at the same time. On one hand, Prowl's about kick ass which is sweet. On the other hand, Prowl's about to slaughter the Decepticons who are just revolting because of the Autobots treating them like shit and has obviously completely lost it.
  • The splash page at the end of issue 13 is also pretty awesome. Megatron leads a group of Decepticons, including an unwilling Starscream into Prowl's Black Room to find a "warm reception"; specifically newly upgraded Decepticons Shockwave, Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, as well as the still-living Constructicons and Bombshell...and Prowl himself, with his gun to Wheeljack's head. As Starscream can only stare in horror, Megatron proudly proclaims that Cybertron now belongs to him. Minds. Blown.
  • Ironhide's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with "Prowlestator"., particularly since it begins with Sludge throwing Ironhide up so he can punch him the behemoth in the face.
  • Orion out-gambitting Jhiaxus and Bludgeon in issue 19.
  • Soundwave and his minions taking on Blitzwing and Astrotrain in an Enemy Civil War moment. Needlenose of all people surprisingly intervenes because they've fought enough.
    • Later Soundwave chooses to stand up to Shockwave and fight against him, rather than join up with Shockwave's Evil Plan.
  • When Soundwave is staring down Shockwave and Dreadwing, they point out that he stands alone. Soundwave counters that a Decepticon is never alone, and launches his 5 current minions all hidden away, onto the two.
  • Galvatron, still pissed about the mind bomb, vaporizes General Witwicky on the spot, and blames his death on Prowl.
  • All of season 2 had been building to a conflict between Optimus Prime and Prowl, and, come issue #42 that's precisely what we got. And how. Prowl's smug refusal to accept responsibility for his actions drives Optimus into a rage, causing him to snap and punch the strategist to the floor. The ensuing fight destroys the cell's table and spills out onto the roof outside, the two laying into each other for their perceived failings all the while. Prowl manages to stab Optimus with an aerial, but the Autobot leader recovers enough to leap through a flurry of stabbing motions and bury his forehead in Prowl's. It helps that the art during the sequence is beautiful, easily some of Livio Ramondelli's best.

The 2015 cartoon:

  • Optimus Prime himself appearing out of nowhere, singlehandedly defeating Underbite. And saving Denny from getting crushed (and possibly eaten). Contrived? Yes. Deus ex Machina? Definitely. Unashamedly awesome? Totally!
  • From episode 4, Fixit, who at this point was shaping up to be The Load gets kidnapped by the combiner Chop Shop. After Chop Shop forcibly makes Fixit his replacement arm (it makes sense in-context). With a little encouragement, Fixit takes control and beats up Chop Shop himself.
    Chop Shop: (realizes Fixit is resisting his control) You work for me now pally!
    Fixit: I (punch) work (punch) for (punch) my team! (punch)
    • Also, Fixit's stutter seems to vanish during the battle with Chop Shop.
  • Denny gets two in "Can You Dig It?":
    • He manages to knock Ped out for a short time by ramming his power shovel into him.
    • When Ped is about to escape his stasis pod, Denny drops his electromagnet on top of him, trapping him in the pod.
  • Think what you will about the RID version of Drift, but his duel with Fracture in "Hunting Season" was actually pretty epic.
  • Episode 14 shows how Team Bumblebee's really improved, fighting all those 'cons. They were each able to hold their own against their respective Decepticon opponent.
    • One goes to Steeljaw as well; He was able to not only free his teammates, but create a distraction that forced the good guys to stop chasing them and deal with said distraction.
  • Strongarm What the Hell, Hero? speech on Windblade.