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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Broadway production of 13 was 90 minutes long. 90. Minutes. Long. But still, crazy teenagers come up with theories.

Kendra and Brett will end up being a On and off couple
Seriously, the musical has enough evidence. Eventually, Brett will realize that Lucy lied to him, and go back to Kendra. Lucy will manipulate the situation, and Brett will go back to her.

Archie and Lucy are cousins
Lucy and Archie are both very manipulative. It makes sense that they would be related. It wasn't mentioned in the musical because everyone already knew, and Evan, being the New Transfer Student wasn't told. Plus Lucy wouldn't want to admit that she's related to the loser cripple kid. This is why Archie helped Evan get Brett and Kendra back together despite his crush on Kendra. He wanted it to be a Take That to his cousin who screwed up Kendra's life.

Molly, Cassie, and Charlotte are the Greek Chorus.
They don't really forward the plot. They just help spread the rumor in "It Can't Be True." They definitely show some Greek chorus traits in "Opportunity".

Lucy doesn't really like Brett
  • The whole thing was revenge for being forced to be in Kendra's shadow.
  • Or the whole thing was to get out of going to Evan's Bar Mitzvah because everybody knew Patrice was going to end up going anyway and they didn't want to be there if she was there.

Lucy used to be more popular than Kendra, and helped Kendra become popular. Kendra ended up becoming more popular than her and making Brett like her. Both of those things spur her to ruin Kendra and Brett's chances at a relationship, making her no less of an Alpha Bitch but a little more of a No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.
  • Lucy's friendship with Kendra in Getting Ready and all the lies she tells her in It Can't Be True - you get the feeling Lucy's much, much more experienced socially and can easily manipulate Kendra because Kendra listens to her. One of her verses in Getting Ready is all about how all the things Kendra's got - solo in chorus, lead in the school play, head of cheer leading squad - are because of Lucy helping her...could this include Kendra's popularity as well? Lucy's bitter because she used to be more popular, as well as "all the things I should've had, you got instead".

Appleton is near Indianapolis

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