WMG: The Mist

The movie's plot is in fact a Kansas City Shuffle by the Crimson King
The real point of it all was to destroy the painting of Roland, as part of a massive 4th wall breaking plot. The rest was simply a distraction, or part of an unrelated plan.
  • Alternatively, the Arrowhead was aiming to try to achive transition into All-World, but unfortunately missed its mark, instead causing a massive dimensional breach into Todash Space.

This is a lead up to Half-Life.
  • Given that the original novella was a heavy inspiration for the game, I'd say that's not even WMG territory anymore. The resonance cascade in Half-Life was perhaps just a tad more intense. Those theoretical physicists sure never seem to learn (in the eyes of authors/directors/game designers...)

Everyone in the supermarket DIES HORRIBLY
  • I don't care what anyone says, this is my personal canon goddammit. >:(
    • If there's any justice in that world, they would. Unfortunately, it's clear that's not a just world.
    • What about the little girl? And the supermarket manager who ended up helping (albeit reluctantly)? Did they deserve to "die horribly"?
      • I'm pretty sure that they meant the ones who were following Carmody.
  • In the original novella, this is very likely exactly what happened.

The monsters are all Todash monsters, and the mist comes from the dark space in between the worlds, making this the beginning of this world's moving on.

The Mist is there because someone opened a thinny on earth
  • Read the Dark Tower books if you don't believe me.
  • The picture of Roland is a dead giveaway.
  • Anyone else think it a little odd he happened to have a revolver (significance for the Dark Tower again)?

The planet is where Death Fog and the White Dragons world from Slayers.

  • It could be that Death Fog is unleashed after being sealed by the White Dragon, or the Fog in the move could be Death Fog's corpse after the White Dragon defeated it.

Slenderman came out of the Mist.

  • He just walked in the other direction from the rest of the monsters.
    • So.. he can be easily killed with guns and flamethrower? No wonder he targeted gun-less peoples in some dark empty forest.

This movie takes place in the Cloverfield universe.
  • This was what was happening in the rest of the world while Clovie was rampaging in New York City. Both films have giant bugs attacking people and causing extreme allergic reactions! Not to mention giant kaiju that get taken down by the military, in the end.

Ollie is a Gunslinger.
  • Well, not a trained Gunslinger, but a Gunslinger born. He kept cool, and calm under pressure, even if he was a meek person. Every single shot he took, he hit, even under extreme stress in less-than-perfect conditions. On top of all this, he carried the Gunslinger's preferred weapon, the six-shooter.