Nightmare Fuel / The Mist
  • Oh boy where do we start? Here's some images and the concept art.
  • Ms. Carmody. This lady has no supernatural powers, no extraordinary abilities of any kind, but she has an army of frightened, terrified people who will do whatever she says. If you tick her off, or disagree with what she believes, she will destroy you. She's arguably the scariest monster in the movie.
  • Any gamer might understand just how frightening it is when they find out it was one of the inspirations for both Silent Hill and Half-Life.
  • The description of the way things look after they leave the store. It's like Lovecraft decided to rise from the grave and possess King when he wrote that part.
  • The tentacles. And whatever they were attached to.
  • The Downer Ending, in a very Adult Fear kind of way. Imagine if you had to do that in order to save your child from an even worse fate? Only to find out they could've been saved.
  • There's a webbed up corpse in a school bus. What happened to everybody else that was on it?