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Trivia: The Mist
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Starkiller is involved in a secret military project, and The Punisher gets trapped in the store with him.
  • What Could Have Been: The original draft included some more details about the setting that was left out. Most noticeable was that there was suppose to be a scene that shows the Arrowhead Project going wrong.
  • King first thought up this story after having actually witnessed a storm that bad while on vacation. He went to the grocery store for some more emergency supplies, and while he was standing the (very long) checkout line, he randomly pictured something like a pterodactyl flying over all the customers.
  • A lot of key parts were omitted from the original script:
    • The failed experiment that summoned the mist.
    • Brent's rationalization on why he doesn't believe David, the mechanics or Ollie
    • Carmodie's followers are already in the process of sacrificing people
  • In 1986, the story was adapted by ZBS Productions as a full-cast radio-style drama on audiocassette with 3-D sound. Among the cast was William Sadler (who played Jim in the movie) as David Drayton, and Dann Florek as Ollie Weeks.

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