Trivia / The Mist

  • Creator-Preferred Adaptation: Stephen King preferred the significantly bleaker ending of the film.
  • Follow the Leader: Half-Life was inspired by the book.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Marcia Gay Harden is everything Mrs. Carmody is not. She's also very much Playing Against Type.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original draft included some more details about the setting that was left out. Most noticeable was that there was supposed to be a scene that shows the Arrowhead Project going wrong.
    • Mrs. Carmody was originally to be depicted as eccentric to begin with. There's also a scene cut out that was suppose to show that her cult caused more casualties.
    • The studio wanted to stay faithful to the more hopeful ending of the original story, but as stated in Creator-Preferred Adaptation above, King himself preferred the much more bleak ending. In fact, when he first learned of the new ending, he personally intervened to get the studio to approve of it. If he hadn't done that, a film version of the first one might have gone through.