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Awesome: The Mist
  • Irene, when she chucks a tinned can of peas of Mrs Carmody's face;
    Irene: Shut up, you miserable buzzard! Stoning people who piss you off is perfectly okay? They do it in the Bible, don't they? And I got lots of peas!
    • And then Ollie goes and tops everything by finally shooting Carmody as she was about to have David's son sacrificed.
      Ollie: I killed her.
      David: Thank you Ollie.
      Ollie: I killed her. I wouldn't have done it if there had been any other way.
      David: That's why I said thank you.
  • The scene with the roaming behemoth near the end is eerily beautiful and genuinely terrifying in a strangely subtle way. Quite a bit of people consider it the best scene on the whole movie.
  • A meta-example. According to IMDB's trivia:
Mississippi BurningAwesome/FilmMister Roberts

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