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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Great Mouse Detective
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The other mooks were deliberately leading that one drunk mouse into pressing calling Ratigan "the world's greatest rat" during the villain song.

They got to the line ending in "that's that" while near him and stopped for a second, hoping he'd try to finish the rhyme and be drunk enough to make the wrong choice. If a villain song does ensue every time Ratigan has a new plan, which is likely, then maybe it's a secret tradition among the mooks to pick a noob they find particularly annoying and try to get him to press Ratigan's Berserk Button in song.
  • They sure seemed pretty upset when he got eaten, though — they take off their hats, and one can be seen wiping away tears. Afterward, they're noticeably reluctant to start the along again.


Olivia Flaversham is a robot.
This WMG came from her line: "I don't have a mother". While the implication is that her mother is dead, Hiram Flaversham obviously has a great talent for building incredibly lifelike clockwork mice. She doesn't have a mother because she wasn't born, but rather, built.

Ratigan sings his Villain Song every time he has a new plan.

The mouse stripper is the Basil of Baker Street version of Irene Adler
Irene is implied to be a dancer/performer, and is a sexy femme fatale. She is also American, and the mouse's song has a clear American accent. There is no Irene Adler counterpart in the film, so this is possible.

Miss Kitty, the mouse stripper at the pub, is Olivia's real mother
Miss Kitty married Hiram some years prior to the events in the movie, and became pregnant with Olivia. At first she was content, but as the pregnancy progressed, she became bored and depressed with her "simple" lifestyle. So soon after Olivia is born, she leaves her husband and daughter and goes off to become the singer we know and love. Don't believe me when I say this? Look up pictures of Olivia and Miss Kitty and compare them.

The owner of the Toy Shop is Hiram Flaversham's human counterpart

Since The Great Mouse Detective has a parallel universe (with mice) existing within the same universe. There is probably one mouse to each human. So it may make sense if Hiram's human counterpart was the Toymaker for that store. Yet the store if not simply closed, seemed abandoned? Why? Maybe Moriarty kidnapped him ;D

Ratigan has a point

And the point is - rats are heavily intolerated by mice due to Black Plague. Ratigan wants just to change that.

Ratigan grew up in an orphanage.

And was ostracised while there, because he was the only rat. He does seem to have a hatred for orphans in particular- possibly because they remind him of his childhood, and remembering orphans reminds him of the fact he's insisting on being a "big mouse" because of the stigma attached to his species. It seems likely he was probably bullied and/or widely feared while there.


Toby is Watson's oft unmentioned bulldog
Blame Disney for mistaking a bulldog for a bloodhound, but otherwise it fits. I believe the name Toby is even mentioned in some versions of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Actually, a bloodhound named Toby is borrowed in one of the stories. That exact dog does appear. If you look, you can tell what Sherlock Holmes story takes place during the movie (I once knew, but have since forgotten).

Hiram Flaversham is a spark.

Every animated movie involving a Mouse World exists in the same universe.
The Great Mouse Detective takes place in the same universe as An American Tail, The Secret of NIMH, Once Upon a Forest, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, The Rescuers, possibly Tom and Jerry.

The setting of the movie will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Imagine the possibilities!
    • Jossed. It wasn't in Dream Drop Distance, but it's still possible that it will show up in a future Kingdom Hearts game.

Basil is a Time Lord
  • Win.

Ratigan is the Giant Rat of Sumatra...
...that Sherlock Holmes mentions in the Conan-Doyle short story The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire. Ratigan claims to be a 'big mouse' because not only is the world not ready, but he himself isn't either.

Basil, Dawson, and Ratigan are the daemons of Holmes, Watson, and Moriarty respectively.
That would explain how they can exist in the same universe and yet have nearly identical personalities and backstories. In this particular universe, daemons can be a much greater distance from their humans, and same-gender daemons are more common. Expanding on this, the death of Ratigan drove Moriarty to suicide in the Reichenbach fall incident.

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