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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
System Restore
Everyone who survived in canon, with the exception of Hinata, will die in this fic
Sonia and Souda already died, which now leaves Owari and Kuzuryuu, with three trials and two murders to go. Changing who survives would be an interesting way to shake things up, although I think Hinata would survive, because he's the main character, and is involved in the Izuru Kamukura part of the story.
  • As of the latest revisions to Chapter 3, Part 5, Souda is still alive. However, this theory is not Jossed yet...

Survivor Guesses
My guesses as to who makes it to the end:
  • Hinata (Main character)
  • Togami or Ibuki (Don't see both making it out of here, due to the potential angst effect that one dying would have on the other. If Togami checks out, it will be in Chapter 5.
  • Tanaka (I don't see any canon culprits besides Hanamura repeating themselves here, and it'd be too predictable to kill him in Chapter 4 at this point. My guess is he'll make it out.)
  • Koizumi or Saionji (I'm sure one of them will be a final survivor, but I don't see both surviving.)
  • Akane or Nidai (Ditto here. Nidai probably has a better chance since Akane's a canon survivor.)
  • If Kuzuryuu isn't Chapter 3's murderer, then there's a good chance he'll survive again. Due to her role in the canon story, though, I don't see Nanami surviving. My guess is she'll be the Chapter 5 victim.
  • Souda's retconned survival may mix things up a bit. If he ends up as a robot, then he probably won't make it out of Chapter 4(like robo-Nidai in canon).
  • Either way, I don't see there being more than six survivors (the number of survivors from the original DR).

Hinata is a Decoy Protagonist in this fic.
Because it would be a huge Player Punch if he turned out to be the victim, or even a murderer (probably in Chapter 5, since in the actual games that episode is usually the biggest Wham Episode.) Especially if Kamakura ends up reawakening in this storyline.

Togami then takes his place as the real protagonist, having to deal with the fallout from having the person he trusted most turn on him and/or get killed.

Chapter 4 or 5 will now be a double murder.
Since the author decided not to kill Souda in Chapter 3, they've got to make up the difference somewhere.
  • Technically, considering that you need eight people for the Forced Shutdown, it's possible that the author could kill off one less person, leaving six people. Note that Monobear gets the group down to 7 people after Chapter 4, and Chapter 5 doesn't have a motive, being mainly about finding the traitor.

The rest of the victims will be the canonical murderers
. Notice a pattern here.
  • In Chapter 1, Komaeda, who was technically the mastermind behind the incident in canon, with Hanamura as a pawn, gets killed.
  • In Chapter 2, Pekoyama gets killed in part to preemptively stop her from killing Koizumi.
  • In Chapter 3, Tsumiki has been killed for so far undisclosed reasons, but which may be related to the previous ones.
As such, I suspect the following might happen.
  • Chapter 4, Tanaka will be a murder victim after the person he tricks into coming out kills him instead; in canon, he muses that he might have ended up dead against Nidai, and if he did the case would have been much harder to figure out. Him dying might lead to the group trying to find out what happened to him.
  • Chapter 5, Nanami(who admittedly only became a murderer because of Komaeda's plan and good luck) will be killed by someone who found out she was the traitor.

Chapter 4 will have a completely new motive from canon.
It's possible that Togami susses out that the Surprise House is a trap ahead of time and persuades the others not to go there. Monobear's response may well be to leak the student profiles in another way, exposing Togami's identity as the Imposter. And since he was the one who warned the other students away from the trap containing this info, that won't look very good for him at all as the other students start to suspect him of being the traitor.

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